IKEA Hack: Lantern to Lamp How-To

I was using an IKEA Grono table lamp as a nightlight of sorts in the nursery for when I have to get up for late-night feedings. I had it perched on the window sill next to the trundle bed we had set up, and during a particularly vigorous romp with our heeler, the lamp shattered. Whoops! Not wanting the entire thing to go to waste, we improvised. We took an IKEA Borrby lantern that runs about eight bucks and with a few simple changes, made it into a lamp! If you want to do this easy hack on your own, but don’t have a broken lamp to work with, you could pick one up at a thrift store or use the Hemma cord kit IKEA offers for about $3. Here’s how we did it:


10 thoughts on “IKEA Hack: Lantern to Lamp How-To

    1. You’re fine so long as you don’t spray the interior of the bulb housing, or the tines on the plug. Other than that it’s just regular old plastic! Nothing dangerous there.

  1. Wow, so funny! I just posted a project almost identical to this last night. I only found yours this morning after doing a few Google searches to see if my post had been indexed yet. Lucky we decided not to frost our glass in the end (this was something we did consider) or they would have been almost the same. I wish the Ikea stores here in Australia would sell all the stuff you guys seem to get over there. I had no idea they sold plug-in cord sets. The only cords you can get here in Oz from Ikea are hard-wired pendant ones 🙁 We have to buy a whole lamp just to get the cord.
    Love your lantern BTW…clearly you have awesome ideas 🙂

    1. Ha! Thank you Kristine! As my art teacher loved to say, “there is nothing new under the sun, all ideas are recycled”! This has happened to me more times than I could count. I hit publish and sit around patting my back for my creativity, and somebody points out that it’s been done before 😉

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