I Will Always Be With You

I don’t often post two downloads in the same week, but this one is special. An old classmate of mine recently lost his father, in a heart wrenching way. Doctors had misdiagnosed him for years, and it wasn’t until after he passed out at work and landed in the hospital did the news come: cancer. And not just cancer, oh no. It had progressed so much, that they only gave him a week to live. It’s everybody’s nightmare. How do you cope with that? How do you move on? My friend’s mother is such an amazing woman. A week after her husband’s passing, I attended my high school homecoming with Charlie. My friend’s mother held her for an hour, while baby C just slept in her arms. It was so sweet. I know it doesn’t take away the pain, but I did hope that it might ease it a little. I cannot even imagine the heartbreak of so suddenly losing a husband while still so young. At least they got to have that week to say goodbye, small consolation that it is.

So my friend’s lovely wife, Addie (also a friend and old classmate) contacted me to do a printable for a quote from Winnie the Pooh to give to her mother-in-law. It’s such a beautiful sentiment.

If you’d like to download a copy for yourself, you can click the button below.

4 thoughts on “I Will Always Be With You

  1. Hey, I’m sorry but when I clicked on the pdf link I kept getting a jpeg image instead of a saveable pdf file. I absolutely love this quote!!

  2. that happened to my mom. she had been seeing an oncologist because her blood count was very low. he kept giving her blood transfusions which would perk her up. she had visits to her family doctor and both doctors just “couldn’t figure it out”
    I’ll never know why us 4 kids just let that happen. we thought she was going to get better. she just kept getting sicker and sicker and I finally told her the only place she was going to get answers was in the hospital. she wasn’t there an hour and the er doctor found a FOOTBALL SIZED TUMOR on her kidney. Now mom was a bigger woman, but did the cancer doctor never touch her???? She had renal cancer that he was feeding on a weekly basis and still doesn’t think he did wrong. My mom died 13 days later. We had taken her to cleveland clinic and they tried to operate but it was too large, attached to everything. Mom was seeing a cancer doctor and he didn’t even know she had it. We were outraged at first, but the last thing mommy said to me was that she was going to beat this. And Brook, she did. Not in the way we wanted, but the cancer is dead, and mom is whole and painfree. You can be bitter or you can be better. Its a choice. thanks for reading.

    1. Kathy I am so, so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine the kind of heartbreak that comes with situations like these. I’m so glad for your mother’s freedom from pain, and I think you have an amazing outlook on life. It’s very inspiring

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