I Saw the Sign

Are you getting bored with all the nursery projects yet? I hope not, because I think they’re all pretty adorable! There’s nothing more heart-warming than watching a man get excited about his baby. Even one that’s not here yet! Our last project of the weekend was a sign for the crib with the wee-one’s nickname on it.

The hubs started out with a short plank of cedar left over from my parents’ barn. I printed out the letters we needed, choosing Sketch Rockwall because I liked the silhouette the letters made. We laid it over the cedar plank, and using an unclicked pen (you could use any sturdy, thin tool) we traced the outline of the letters, leaving an indentation into the wood. We then removed the paper, and traced over the indents with pen. Then the mister got to work with our dremel Trio and the routing bit.

It turned out to be surprisingly easy! He had no trouble at all routing out the letters, even the toughies like A and R. Once that was all finished, it was time for a good long sanding with the palm sander. He wanted to keep a few of the saw blade marks you see on the plank, but not all of them. Once he was finished it was as smooth as buttah.

We toyed around with the idea of staining the letters and simply sealing the rest of the wood, but it turns out that the mister is a huge softie for pink paint. No lie. Using our super high-tech $1-for-20 pack craft brush, he painted the letters in with some pink paint we had on hand. Once it was dry, the whole thing got two coats of polyurethane sealer, and a light sanding.

Here she is in all her glory! I think it’s super adorable. Plus, with the natural properties of cedar, it’ll help keep any bugs away from the crib. Bonus! I love the plank he chose, it had just the perfect amount of marbling at the top, and the raw edge gives it a nice rustic touch.

Please forgive me for the heinous flash photos. For some reason, even with every light on in the room, this corner is super dark. But it goes to show just how cute the sign is nestled beneath our paper flowers. I think this wall is 100% complete! Anything more would just be overkill. Though we still have sheets to put on the crib, and baskets to fit into the changing table. I still have a couple of projects left for the nursery, and I can’t wait to finish them up and show you!

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  1. NO… I am NOT tired of the nursery posts! I am loving all of the country cutie accents you guys are making! This name sign is not exception (PS- I LOVE Ace of Base!!!)! Your guys nursery is seriously so cute and unique!

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