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Hunger Games Free Printable | Killer b. Designs



Hunger Games Free Printable

Having recently “discovered” the amazing world of Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games trilogy, I know I’m behind the times with these best-selling books. I flew through them a few weeks ago, and am now re-reading them at a slower pace so I can truly enjoy them. I still cried. A lot. They’re so beautifully written, and now that I’ve become a mother, the content really resonates so much more powerfully. I highly recommend reading them. Especially before the first movie premiers in March. So, to celebrate my new-found love, I whipped up a fun printable of the catchphrase from the Hunger Games. It would at least make a fun addition to a moody preteen’s bedroom! Ha ha 😉


  1. Rachel

    u should make more of these everyone loves them!!! itsthe new trend!!!!

  2. Margie Visnick

    I can’t seem to get the download! If you wouldn’t mind, my email addy is, and I would love this for my little girls b-day party! Thanks, so much!

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