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How to Use Your Bumbo Seat Safely | Killer b. Designs



How to Use Your Bumbo Seat Safely

I was recently contacted by the Bumbo Baby Seats to do a quick post on how to properly use your seat. If you’re not familiar with the Bumbo, it’s a chair designed to help small babies sit upright unassisted. However, there are ways to use it properly, and ways to use it that make it a safety hazard. And since I’m totally due for a reminder myself, here’s what you DONT do:

DO NOT USE YOUR BUMBO ON AN ELEVATED SURFACE! And look what we’re doing. Using it on an elevated surface. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. We thought that since she was supervised, it would be ok. Well, now that she’s super active, it’s not safe in the slightest. Even with us standing there, it would only take an instant for her to topple over onto the floor. Which is a safety hazard that can easily be prevented by simply not putting it on an elevated surface.

Here’s the correct way to use a Bumbo Baby Seat:

Oh, look how happy my kiddo is properly seated on the floor in her Bumbo? Yay! She is thrilled.  These seats are awesome because before Charlie had a lot of mobility, she would get fussy just hanging out on her back all day. This chair gave her the support she needed to sit up and play. We still use it occasionally to help keep her in one place during feeding time. We just use it on the floor now. If you own one or are looking to purchase one, here’s a great video for how to use the seat safely, and the CPSC release on safety information.

Also, I would like to disclose that I was in no way compensated for this post. I just think safety is an important issue, and since I’ve been an offender I don’t want to present a poor example on my blog. So learn from my mistakes and keep that Bumbo on the floor!

Key Points about Bumbo Baby Seat:

• The maker and distributor of the Bumbo Baby Seat have as their highest priority
the safety of children.

• The Bumbo Baby Seat helps babies sit upright and must be used only when
babies can adequately support their own heads.

The Bumbo Baby Seat must only be used on the floor.

• The Bumbo Baby Seat is safe for its labeled and intended use (on the floor).
• A warning against placing the Bumbo seat on an elevated surface has been
included on the back of the seat since it was first produced, and in 2007 it was
voluntarily recalled so that a more explicit warning could be added to the front
of the seat as a strong reminder to caregivers not to use the seat on elevated

• The Bumbo Baby Seat is fully compliant with applicable safety standards,
however there are continuing efforts by the makers and distributor of Bumbo and
the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to educate consumers and
reinforce proper seat usage.

• Babies are active and curious and may wiggle out of the seat, which is why a
baby should never be left unattended in the seat and caregivers should always
follow these basic safety guidelines:

o Use the Bumbo Seat ONLY on a floor-level surface
o Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat on any elevated surface
o Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat as a car or bath seat or in water
o NEVER leave a baby unattended

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  1. Rebecca

    Great post. Unfortunately, it came 3 months too late for us to avoid a fall! We had it on a chair at a restaurant (I know, silly us) and our daughter stretched out and fell on her head onto tile. A CT scan later (by the way, CT scans are very traumatic) she is fine. But we had to strap her to the board and wait for her to fall asleep all strapped down to do the scan. Argh!!

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