How to Recycle Old Boots into Planters

So my husband goes through a lot of boots. His job requires steel toed work boots, and they get run down pretty quickly. So, what to do with them? You could try getting them repaired, but sometimes they get so worn that its hardly worth it. So I turned this pair into fun, rustic planters! It was really quick and easy to do. All you need is a drill, some dirt, and a couple of plants!

I started by drilling tons of holes in the soles. It’s a lot easier to drill through the grooves. There are at least 10 holes per boot. With this small amount of drainage, you’ll probably want to use potting soil to fill them.

Once you fill ’em up, just pop in your plants and that’s it!

I planted a bee balm and an aromatic herb (for the life of me I can’t remember what it is, whoops!) They’re hanging out in front of the old cauldron that holds my tiny strawberry sprouts. Oh, and did you notice we got a rain barrel? And gutters?! So exciting! I also added a few shrubs and made them a bed with some siding rocks and crushed red granite.

The two on the ends are gardenias, surrounding a couple of Pink Indigos (which is a hilarious name, in my opinion). I love how fragrant they are! I also picked up a pair of apple trees that thrive in this area to complement my satsuma and lime trees. Hopefully by next summer we’ll be appreciating the fruits of our mini orchard!

Now that we have a path, gutters, and some greenery, all we have left to do is seed the yard for grass and our initial landscaping is done. Eventually I’d like to add a pretty arch over the gate and grow some vining bushes (maybe honeysuckle?) but I’m going to see how our cows act before I do too much. I accidentally left my grape plants out there too long and they had a feast!

Anybody up to some yard work this weekend? Working outside in good weather is the best!



3 thoughts on “How to Recycle Old Boots into Planters

  1. I advise against planting honeysuckle. I made that mistake 14 years ago when we moved into our house and now I can’t get rid of the stuff. It has literally killed (choked out) several of my other beautifully flowering bushes. I only planted two of them and we have ripped out and ripped out with no end in sight. They are pretty along the side of the woods where we dragged them, but they just won’t die. I would suggest a climbing rose or Clematis for your arbor. Or you could grapes, they would be pretty too.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Sadly the cows love grapes and would decimate them if I grew them on the fence. I’ll have to look into roses and clematis, hopefully I’ll find something they don’t like to munch on!

  2. Too cute! Never thought of this…my husband goes through boots like crazy too so I am going to try this instead of throwing them out.

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