How to Kill Apps on an iPhone

So like the rest of the planet, I’ve gotten into Draw Something. Heard of it? Its a mobile game that’s like Pictionary, and you play with your friends. Here’s my favorite one I’ve done:

It’s my fancy version of gandalf and a Balrog. Nice, eh? Anyway, this new app can be a total drain on your battery life. Not to mention the fact that because it’s so new and insanely popular, it’s a bit buggy and doesn’t always update.

I was blown away when Nurse Friend Sam showed me that you can actually turn your apps off to save battery life and reboot them later. Here’s how you do it:

Double click the home button, so it brings up your list of active apps:

Push and hold onto an app like you would when rearranging them. They start to shake and the “minus” delete button shows up.

Click it like you’re deleting it. This closes the app! Now you can get a few more hours out of your phone, and refresh those apps that are acting buggy. So go Draw Something!! It’s way too fun to miss out on.

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5 thoughts on “How to Kill Apps on an iPhone

  1. i am obsessive about killing my apps – and also about draw something!

    play w/me if you’d like 🙂 kaitygator

  2. wow thank you for this post i have an ipod touch and it dies in 2 hrs if im on it and i did this i killed about a 100 apps wow huh! but now its got about 5 hrs of uses YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty

    1. Awesome! I was just as excited as you to find out that feature. I kind of wish the apple products came with a manual for all these little tricks!

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