How to Hang a Curtain from the Ceiling

It’s not that uncommon to find hideous water heaters lurking around indoors. Sometimes they hang out in the garage, but for some reason you can still find them exposed in all their hideous glory. So what to do? Well, I started out just stapling some fabric to the ceiling to hide that sucker, then decided it looked a little strange. Kind of like a glossy black waterfall. Anyway, if you for some reason find you need to hide something, or just feel like ceiling-suspended curtain rods are your thing, it’s really quite easy to do!

You need:

3 thoughts on “How to Hang a Curtain from the Ceiling

  1. Hi, I love your site. I did something similar to make a cheap canopy for my bed. I used twine as curtain rods, screwed some hooks into the ceiling and made a nice looking canopy out cheap curtains from goodwill and 2.00 hooks and twine from the dollar store 🙂 I don’t have a website or blog yet, but I am thinking about starting one. I am a student so I love anything pretty and cheap. If I do start a site, I will be sure to link to you.

    1. Michelle- i’m trying to do something like this, what kind of hooks did you use for the ceiling? is it still sturdy?

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