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House Tour Update: The Master Suite | Killer b. Designs



House Tour Update: The Master Suite

San Bernard Master Bedroom


Toward the end of my pregnancy, I had a mad fit of nesting. I wanted every project in the house “finished” before the baby came home. With a due date of October 7th, I was striving to hit an October 1st deadline as that marked one year from the start of the house. I have a couple of things I’d still like to do in the master suite, but for the most part, I’m at my “phase 1” finishing point. Let’s take a look!

Master Bedroom

What We Did:
• Built the Farmhouse Bed and Rustic Bench (it’s our wedding guestbook)
• Hung blackout shades and curtains
• Installed 1×4 cedar trim
• Installed closet and bathroom doors
• Built a door jamb and installed a solid wood door (all by myself too!)
• Installed shutters on the window over the bed
• Hung up antler mounts and art
• Moved in a craft storage armoire
• Built and installed a wall mirror


What I’d Still Like to Do:
• Add a burlap or neutral fabric bed skirt
• Build a unit to make the keyboard more attractive and act as an end table
• Find a globe bar for next to the armoire
• Add a rug?
• Find a cool art piece for above the keyboard













Master Bathroom

What We Did:
• Built the vanity
• Built the medicine cabinet
• Installed lights
• Installed plumbing (sink, faucets, toilet)
Trimmed out the bathtub in cement board
• Hung art and towel hooks

What I’d Like to Do:
• Hang art next to medicine cabinet above towels
• Hook up tv to power and cable








Master Closet

What We Did:
• Built organizers
• Installed Lights
• Hung Hooks

What I’d LIke to Do:
• Hang vintage French doors or tall windows at opening











That’s it! I’m really happy with our master suite, it’s a very relaxing area to wind down at the end of the day. I have a small list of things I’d like to do to really finish off the space, but I’m not in any hurry to get them done. For now, I’m going to enjoy the hard work we put in!



  1. Liz

    Brooke, I am just floored – your bedroom is beautiful!! I love all of the details, it’s incredible. The window above the bed is like a little slice of heaven :)

    1. Brooke

      Thank you so much Liz! That window is a total favorite of mine.

  2. allieundercover

    This this the San Bernard house?

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