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House Tour Update: Guest/Play/Office Room | Killer b. Designs



House Tour Update: Guest/Play/Office Room

So this room is kind of old news, what with blogging about the Un-Built In Desk already. I thought I’d go ahead and take a few more photos of the entire room, now that there aren’t any more active items on the to-do list. The desk area is finished, the tv is hooked up to a dvd player and our Wii so Elmo movies and Netflix are in constant rotation. It’s really nice since I can hang out in the same space while Charlie plays or watches some Elmo and I can catch up on blogging for a little bit. What started out as a total dumping ground has ended up to be one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love this space. It’s awesome. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

Pretty much empty. Though this wall really hasn’t changed much.

Once “Phase 1” of the house is finished (meaning we’re done with the to-do list as it is right now, which would mean only minor tweaks are left in each room), we plan to add some sliding barn doors for the doorway that will frame out behind that bed. That way, when we have guests, they can shut the door for a little privacy. Or perhaps in the future the kiddos want to play video games while the adults watch Smash reruns in the living room (sob!)

Eventually I’ll have to choose some sort of window treatment as well, since I’m sure guests won’t be happy about waking up at sunrise, or may not be comfortable with open-view windows even while out in the country. Though our closet door is up, along with some really cool shelves I of course didn’t take a photo of. Here’s an old Instagram of them, though. Have I mentioned yet that my dad is kind of a hoarder? People find random things in their homes or barns and bring them here to his shop next to our house. Which is why my dad has a massive stash of convenience store style metal shelving units. Ones that are hefty and industrial and just-so-happened to be an absolutely perfect fit inside the closet. I love that the shelves are adjustable, so I can move them around or even add more as needed. I love these things. Some day I’ll get around to cleaning them up and organizing what’s in there so I can add in some cool labels on the edges like you see in the stores.

We plan to hang more in the garage, and perhaps even the master bedroom junk closet. I’m pretty much raiding the entire stash. I found the old door for $40 at June’s flea market and snatched it up! I love old doors. It was just a hair too large to fit in the opening, so I hung it on the outside of the door with plain old cabinet hinges. I plan on adding a magnet catch to keep it closed. I found a beautiful glazed knob at Hobby Lobby to use as the handle. I just popped in some putty epoxy and stuck the handle through, then held it in place while the putty dried with a washer and nut.

Once it was hung the panels started sliding, so I propped them up and held everything in place with some corner brackets. I also topped it with 3 coats of varnish on each side to keep any more paint from chipping off, since I 1) love the look and 2) don’t want it to chance it being lead paint and chipping off onto the floor. I love this door. It gives so much character to what would be a rather dull closet. Plus it fits in with the whole salvaged vibe in this room! Old door, old end tables, hand-me-down bed. But it all works together.

This last wall is dubbed the “music wall”. I have my keyboard in here, and Charlie’s music table. She likes to play on both. In a few years I’ll start giving her some basic piano lessons on the big keyboard. Which means I need to do some more practicing myself, I’m a bit rusty!

So that’s the room. The multi-purpose, play / sleep / work room. For having so many uses and things, it really doesn’t feel crowded at all. I love the open space in the middle to play, and the fact that Charlie can easily open the closet door and pull out whatever toys she likes. It’s also a breeze to shove them all back in the closet whenever I need to clean up quickly. It’s just an overall great space!



  1. Amanda

    Looks like a fantastic multipurpose room! I love the desk and the wall color! :)

    1. Brooke

      Thank you Amanda!

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