Home Updates!

Hey guys! Things are moving along, even faster than I thought they would. The buyer’s bank required that our home be leveled before closing next Friday, and the work started bright and early Monday morning. The crappy part? We were all recovering from the Pukapolypse. After Charlie’s bout Friday night, I picked it up late Saturday and the hubs on Sunday night. We had planned to laze around a bit on Monday and recover, but no dice. Men with jackhammers had a different plan, so we booked it over to the park for a picnic and to kill a little time. We wore out quick though, but luckily the loud stuff was done. More banging and clanging ensued, making Charlie’s naps a tenuous thing. But, we finished today, and cannot be happier.

Yup, that’s a 6′ deep hole in front of my front door. We had 12 of them done. Yowza! I’m amazed they finished as quickly as they did. If you happen to live in Lake Jackson or Brazoria County, I cannot recommend Sierra Foundation enough. Monty was great to work with, and we got the engineer’s full approval. So our last hurdle to jump through seems to be the appraisal, and I really really hope it goes well! If this sale falls through, we’re in deep water. Leveling sure ain’t cheap!

In other news, we FINALLY got the building permit for our new house! They started construction on the 1st, and our forms are up! Plumbers will be out tomorrow to lay the pipe. We’re over the moon excited.

Finally I can start sharing all the progress with you guys! We’re raring to move forward on projects for the new place too.

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