HGTV Magazine – A Winner!

Have you heard that HGTV now has a magazine? I signed up for their preview issue, hoping it would be as good as it looked. Well, it totally was! This baby is jam packed full of goodies from the people you love on HGTV. It’s really fun to get some behind-the-scenes dish. It’s pretty much the best of the network all pulled into glossy pages. You get the typical design tips and inspiration, but there’s also more than what you find in your typical shelter mag. They have real estate features, like comparing what comparably sized homes in different part of the country weigh in at: in cost and property taxes, but also fun facts like the price of an hour of babysitting or a gallon of milk at the store.

What really sold me was when they were talking about not buying matching sets of furniture, “it’s too The Price is Right“. YES! That’s so true! I also love that the “food” section is minimal and focuses on hosting. A lot of shelter mags have a large section on cooking with recipes and stuff, and I’m just not into that. If I wanted food articles, I’d buy a food magazine, not a home one.

My one little disappointment is that it focuses a lot on buying, not making. Which is great for a lot of people, but in this economy saving every penny counts. And if that means a great tutorial on how to whip up a cute pillow, or wreath, then it would be great. Even if they just had a little blurb at the bottom of the page featuring a tagline like, “Want to try it yourself? Visit and see how!” with links to great online tutorials would be so helpful. It seems that only DIY Magazine puts a focus on doing-it-yourself (obviously they would though). Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magazine version of all our favorite blogs? Room makeovers a la Addicted to Decorating or Remodelaholic, furniture projects from Ana White, and decorating tips from the Young House Love-rs? Well, while I can only dream of that now, I can keep reading HGTV Mag, since it’s the closest I’m going to get for a while!

[important]Note: I was in no way compensated for this post. I doubt HGTV even knows who I am, though I’d love to be discovered someday![/important]

3 thoughts on “HGTV Magazine – A Winner!

  1. I have not received my magazine. you cashed my check which I
    mailed on January 29, 2012 for 10 issues @ $15.00.

    1. Um, you do understand I’m not HGTV Magazine, right? I’m just a girl who subscribed and posted about liking the magazine. You should try finding the contact email for the magazine from their website and contacting them there…

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