5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kate of Marsh Mellow Goodness: Cinnamon Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze

  1. Hi, I’m writing to you from Italy, I stumbled by your recipe and it looked so heavenly that I started grabbing all the ingr. I had in the kitchen, and I went making it. I love pecans, unfortunately over here you can’t find them so I had to do without. I cut oil from 1 cup to half, didn’t want it to get too greasy, but I added a bit more of fresh squeezed orange juice and I added also the orange peel grated to give it a bit of zest. In the kitchen there was the smell of cinnamon and orange, my 2 daughters was drooling in front of the oven! Can’t wait to try it, this is definitely going to be also my husbands favorite as he loves anything that has apples and cinnamon. Thank you- Grazie

      1. Hi Brook guess what? Your recipe has become a big hit in my whole family even my mother in law loves it! I Even now as I’m writing to you it’s in the oven cooking, it’s wonderful, so moist, and so beautiful to see when you serve it,the twist between orange and cinnamon, that’s what makes this apple cake better from many other recipes I have tried. Thank you for have sharing this recipe 🙂 Ciao Ciao

        1. Sharon that’s fabulous! I’m so glad you like it. It’s actually a guest post recipe from a friend of mine, so I will be sure to pass along your sweet compliments!

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