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Grandma’s Antique Patchwork Circles Quilt | Killer b. Designs



Grandma’s Antique Patchwork Circles Quilt

After moving a trundle daybed into the man cave and with it the Deer Valley bedding, Charlie’s room needed an interim quilt. So I unfolded one from the stash from the hubs’ Grandmother, and found this stunning beauty.

It’s a series of patchwork circles, apparently made by her mother, so Jacob’s great-grandmother. It seems she rallied the troops and had all her friends make a block then pieced them all together. Each block consists of two quarter circles and an embroidered name of the seamstress.

Then four are pieced together to make a full patchwork circle.

Oh, and the best part? It’s from 1939!!

I only used it for about a week because I’m paranoid of a diaper blowout or muddy pawprints ruining this amazing heirloom. For something made over 80 years ago, the fabrics are surprisingly modern, don’t you think? Such beauty in this quilt. I love it. I’ll have to figure out a good way to display it safely. I wish I had more sewing friends so I could put something together for my own great-grandchildren. Maybe I’ll have a girls weekend and strong-arm them all into sewing a square. Maybe for my 30th birthday?

Have you stumbled onto any amazing finds lately? Family heirlooms, or flea market scores?


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