Getting Into Routine with Stinkerpants Magnets


Anyone with a toddler (or older children!) can tell you that transitions are difficult. Routine can be hard to establish, and every day can be a challenge. Even the little things. Especially the little things! You may be familiar with Weddingbee, the wedding planning blog I participated in four – whoa four! – years ago before my wedding. Well one of my fellow bees started a business selling charts and magnets to help little ones settle into new things and accomplish goals and tasks. Sounds great right? Well it is!




Stinkerpants is an organizing solution for children provided through magnets and charts. For Charlie, who just turned three, I chose a reward chart and a morning/evening routine chart. The most difficulty we have is getting ready for bed, followed by a close second of getting ready for her Kids Day Out program twice a week, which starts up again in just a few days!


stinkerpants morning evening routine magnet chart


The best part is that the sets aren’t one-size-fits-all, you can choose any magnets you like! I went with the ones that followed our routine, which are pretty basic. But instead of books before bed, we sing songs together, which is what the music notes stand for. These magnets have changed our lives! From struggling every morning to get ready for school, and fighting tantrums every night, we’ve gone from a fun, playful routine because my daughter is excited to move each magnet into place.


stinkerpants reward chart magnets


The reward chart, though, is my favorite. During potty training, we tried out candy first, and it quickly spiraled out of control. I hated using food as a bribe, especially sugary sweets. Then we tried stickers, but I hated all that waste. So it was perfect to find these magnets! They’re reusable, durable, and fun. I had a great time picking out the rewards, and the images make them flexible for their meanings. Obviously the lollipop is a sweet, and the tablet is for iPad time, but the puzzle could mean a trip to the museum, the tv could be going to the movies, and the rainbow could mean an outdoor activity like the zoo. Once she fills up a row she earns that activity. So far we’ve done great with the potty and staying in bed, and that’s awesome! We’re still working hard on putting toys away and cleaning up.




As far as placement, I rigged up a magnet board inside her closet so it’s easy to access, but can be closed up during the day so baby sister doesn’t accidentally try to eat one or something. I used some scrap flashing my dad had lying around in his shop, and some quarter round trim from the barn. Easy, no-cost, and simple to assemble! I just pre-drilled holes and attached the flashing with 1/4″ screws and the quarter round with 1 1/4″ screws right into the plywood door. It’s not going anywhere!




Sara just introduced a new weekly calendar that’s perfect for schedules full of activities, and I can’t wait to order some! Charlie has recently started picking up on days of the week and what they mean for her, and it will be even more important once she starts back up with her KDO program as well as music and dance classes.

So if you’ve been struggling with your toddler, or know someone with a pre-schooler (or even grade schooler!) check out Stinkerpants and check out her amazing magnet solutions.



Disclaimer: I was provided the magnets and charts free of charge in order to test them out and give a review. All opinions are my own, and I am very much looking forward to buying a calendar magnet set as well!

3 thoughts on “Getting Into Routine with Stinkerpants Magnets

  1. Darn…I thought we invented this. 🙂 We were having similar problems with our 2 1/2 year old, specifically with respect to “what to expect tomorrow” (Is it a school day or not? When is Grammie coming to visit? Is tonight a bath night?).

    We had bought a monthly calendar from Melissa and Doug with similar activity, date, and season-related magnets but a 30 day calendar and the concept of moving left-to-right-top-to-bottom was way too much for her…and she’d rearrange the date magnets, rendering the thing useless. Plus, there was no way to customize the magnets.

    We ended-up printing out a 7-day chart (similar to yours, except shaded to denote the weekend) and taping it over the M&D magnetic board. We re-used as many of the magnets as we could and then started making our own by printing out pictures and photos and sticking them to pieces of those magnets they sell for business cards. It has worked GREAT.

    We have 5 school magnets, several tub magnets (bathtime), photos of the grandparents and aunts (for when they come to visit), logos or photos of frequented restaurants or play places, even a Milk Man magnet (we have milk delivery). There’s one star magnet that she moves from day to day to denote the current day. She loves it and it has really helped when the schedule changes like when we had a week off for vacation. We removed all the school magnets, re-adjusted others, added a “camping” magnet and so-on.

    I highly recommend either buying the one above or making your own for small toddlers. Well worth the effort or money.

    1. Oh, I love the idea about customizing your own magnets with photos! I think you’re right about the 30 day calendar, it’s probably too much to handle at 3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I’ll definitely be making some of the camping and vacation ones!

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