Gallery Frames

Now that I’ve finished my gallery setup in our living room, this weekend was the time to tackle the bedroom photos. I picked up about $50 worth of trim from Lowe’s, which rounds out to about $10 per frame. That’s not bad considering I had 2 8×10’s, 2 16×20’s and a 20×30 to frame.

I chose three different types of trim, in 8 foot lengths. I like the variety of styles. And yes, we did take the classic boobie grab preggo shot. What of it??

I used the same finishing technique as my first framing project. 1 coat thermal spring, sanded down, then glazed with stain and wiped off. I really like how they look, though they’re not perfect. I think I’ll need a lot more practice with framing before I would consider myself good at them.

I laid out my frames on the floor to come up with a loose arrangement, and then transferred it to the wall starting with my largest frame. I wasn’t too meticulous with placement, since I wanted it to look casual. Over time, I’d like to add other smaller pieces, like keys or other memorabilia, a la Young House Love.

I’m so glad we finally have them all up! I like the way the teal plays off the orange-ish tone in the bed. It really makes the pictures pop. So that’s one more project checked off my monster list. I have a bad feeling this house is going to be a never-ending work in progress! Which is kind of my idea of heaven 😉

2 thoughts on “Gallery Frames

  1. Love the frames!

    I think that’s what houses are really – big works in progress that you can chip away at forever. And I don’t mean ‘forever’ in a bad way either, just something that you can always work on and improve. That’s why I can’t wait until we have our own house!

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