Fun Flooring Freebies

Over the weekend, I told the Husbane I wanted to have a fun date night. What constitutes a fun date night for us? Dinner at El Chico and a trip to Lowe’s! While we were wandering the aisles, brainstorming more projects, we found the flooring section. The Husbane is building a desk in his man cave, and we’ve been waffling on what to use on the top for weeks. That’s when we ran across the new peel-and-stick vinyl flooring. We picked up a few dozen tiles for his desk, and I was mesmerized by the free samples. I mean, LOOK at these! They look so real! I sifted through the piles and pulled out a handful of the pretty ones. Why?

Because they make the perfect coasters! How fun are they? And completely waterproof too. And did I mention they’re FREE??! You could use these little squares for a bunch of nifty projects. They would make really adorable refrigerator frames. Cut out a square in the middle, attach magnets to the back, slide a picture beneath it and pop it onto your fridge! I may actually have to try that. They have a great selection of different “woods” and finishes, so you can mix it up. I’m sure there are a lot of interesting ways to use these samples, now I just have to think of them!


*disclaimer: Whenever it comes to freebies (be it paint swatches, stir sticks, or flooring samples) I’m a big believer that you should at least purchase something while you’re there. I know they’re free, but since you’re not using them for their intended purpose (choosing a paint color, stirring paint, picking flooring) and are taking more than usual, I’m of the mind that you should at least support your supplier in some way. On this trip, we bought some wall spackel and chalkboard paint, and can’t wait to get moving on those projects too!

3 thoughts on “Fun Flooring Freebies

  1. I too wondering through Home Depot found the flooring and carpet samples and fell in love – the low pile carpet samples also made great coasters – I put peal and stick felt on the bottom of the carpet sample so the rough bottom wouldn’t scratch the furniture – but they are great for hot and cold beverages – especially the cold as it absorbs the condensation.
    Great IDEAS – like the idea of the peal and stick floor tiles for the desk top – I was looking for something for my “craft” bench top.

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