Free ID Card Holder From Scraps Tuturial

Last month, I finally got off my lazy bum and joined our local gym. It includes childcare, so now I have no excuse not to work out. In an effort to get a little more organized (because 8am mornings with an infant are hectic to say the least) I needed to find an id holder with a lanyard, and it needed to be double sided so both our badges can be easily scanned. So I raided my scraps and whipped one up for free last night. Overall I’d say it’s not too hard for my first effort! I used gallon ziplock bags for the plastic, and some leftover rope trim as my lanyard. Want to see how to make your own? Directions are below!


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    1. Alice, I actually never changed my first name. I just go by my middle name, Brooke. So, I’m Lauren Brooke Norsworthy. It’s always been weird to have people use my first name for legal stuff, like airplane tickets or doctor appointments. Which is why I wanted to take extra care on Charlie’s middle name, in case she chooses to use it!

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