Framing a Plate Glass Mirror

Anybody in a home built prior to 2004 (and many after) have at least one bathroom with a massive plate glass mirror. They’re awful. Big and clunky and very unfinished looking. I used glass tiles to “fix” the one in our guest bathroom, but in the master I wanted something a little more traditional. A clean, white wood frame.

*side note: sorry it’s all dirty, we got prints all over it putting the frame up, then I found I was out of Windex! I chose to pack for the cruise rather than run to the store for Windex, so this is my “wet rag” cleaning method ;)*

The frame is made from premium white wood from Lowe’s (most likely pine) and I put it together in about 10 minutes with my saw and Kreg Jig. The edges have 45 degree bevels for a professional look.

One thing I don’t like with this method is the reflection of the new frame, so I’m going to get the hubs to caulk over the seal once we get back from vacation. I’m going to give the vanity and trim a fresh coat of paint so all the whites match. I think it’s really improved the look of the room, and will impress potential buyers!

4 thoughts on “Framing a Plate Glass Mirror

    1. Thank you Amanda! All your small-effort-big-impact changes were the kick in the butt I needed to get this one done

    1. Hi Sanjay, thanks for stopping by! Typically I do a step-by-step tutorial for projects, but this one was more of a “what NOT to do” that I didn’t want to advise anyone to do πŸ˜‰ There are a lot of great tutorials online for framing out plate glass mirrors with wood, and in this case I felt mine would just be redundant.

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