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Flannel Shirt Rice Pack

I’m no stranger to the rice pack. It’s awesome. Nuke it in the microwave to make it a heating pad, or stick it in the freezer for an ice pack. Plus, it’s reusable! So much better than those disposable ones you buy at the store. I made some as bridesmaid gifts for my wedding last year, and even have one myself that’s awesome for migraines. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew it would make a perfect Christmas gift this year!

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

I love the size and the fact that it’s made from flannel. I’m a huge Amy Butler fan, but since my goal this Christmas is to reuse and repurpose, I started with a old shirt instead.

I followed the tutorial from The Green Wife, and made a couple of modifications. I skipped the essential oils because I didn’t have any, made it a little slimmer because that’s how much fabric my shirt allowed, and added some ribbons so you can tie it in a bundle or around your “problem area” so it will stay put.

I love how it turned out! It’s super soft, and the ribbons work perfectly. I bought a behemoth bag of rice for $5, and have 3/4 left. So I plan to make 3 more of these, one for me to keep, and two more to give away. And since the fabric and ribbon are all scraps, these only cost about $1.25 to make. One present down, a few dozen to go! I need to get cracking so I can get them all done on time!

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