Fixing the Calendar

My first try at putting labels on my perpetual calendar was a total bust. It looked like my dog tried to write them in:

Blech. I was attempting to paint them with this tiny, cheap craft brush that comes in a pack of 50 for $2. Yeah, that wasn’t a great idea. So I sanded it off, repainted the white, and distressed it all over again. I printed out each month onto paper, and used it as a guide so I could write the words and letters on with a paint pen. Oh, it was so much easier!

It still looks hand-written, which is what I wanted. It’s just that now, it looks like an adult did it!

This is my testament that even if a project doesn’t turn out like you want it the first time, you can still salvage it. It sucks that I had to invest so many hours on a method that didn’t work, but that’s just the nature of DIY sometimes. It was worth it in the end to have a product that I’m happy with!

The tutorial on how to create your own perpetual calendar can be found here.

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