Fine Tuning

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what the focus of my blog should be. I do a lot of DIY through building, sewing, painting, and a whole lot of other stuff. Without trying to be mega-cheesy, I think it’s time to come up with a mission statement. A purpose for why I spend so much time taking pictures and posting projects.

More and more often these days, I try and be mindful about money. Where I spend it, what I buy, how I divvy it all up. With Christmas coming up, this has been pushed even more to the forefront of my thoughts. It seems like “Buy! Buy! Buy!” is being shouted from the rooftops everywhere I go. But why? Why do I need so much stuff? Why do I need to buy stuff for other people? I get bogged down in the mire of “more stuff”. For me personally, a thoughtful gesture means so much more than a mindless $10 tchotcke. I’d rather receive a babysitting voucher so I can take a date night. Or receive something thoughtfully crafted that I’ll treasure, like the charm necklace of my daughter that my mom gave me. So, this Christmas, I’m going to make a thorough effort to craft thoughtful presents for all those on my list. Not just buying stuff. I want to really think about something they will love and treasure for years to come. Something that will also be useful. No Tickle Me Elmo’s this year! I’m going to DIY with a mission.

From a blogging perspective, I want to focus more on three things:

By focusing on using what I already have (or can snag for free), I can make a dent on the useless waste that keeps getting me down these days. Like my repurposed door coffee table, or my shutter console, or the surprising Pinterest hit, my $10 makeover of my washer and dryer with a can of paint. I’m going to challenge myself to be more creative without being wasteful. I still want to build, but instead of always buying everything new, I’d like to try and think of ways to factor in unexpected supplies.

This doesn’t mean that I’m only going to post about dumpster diving and curbside pickings. I just want to emphasize that aspect a little more in what I post. I’m still going to chat about my adorable baby, and keep up with the free downloads. I’m not going to give my blog a complete overhaul. Just a little shift in focus to encourage you to use what’s already out there. Now to get cracking on some presents!

9 thoughts on “Fine Tuning

  1. For the last two years, I’ve made a significant portion of all of the gifts I’ve given, for birthdays and Christmas. This year I will be making all of the gifts I give thanks to the expenses of the in vitro fertilization that I am currently going through.

    It’s far more difficult to make a gift then to just run up to the store and buy one. It takes thought and time. I think people appreciated homemade more than a generic gift or the ever popular gift card. I personally hate impersonal gifts like gift cards!

    1. Good luck to you on your in vitro! I think handmaking gifts is always a good idea, especially in today’s crashing economy. You’re right that the thought and care make them so much more valuable.

      I think gift cards can be done well, if it’s in a gift basket of sorts. For example, I would really appreciate a “Mom Day” gift, like a massage gift certificate and a voucher for babysitting. Or even a giftcard to Starbucks and one for Barnes & Noble (so I can load up on Nook books to read at the coffee shop!) plus babysitting. Basically anything that allows me out of the house sans baby.

      Just for curiosity’s sake, would you ever consider surrogacy, if in-vitro doesn’t work? A friend of mine is an attorney for a surrogacy alliance program, and is trying to “recruit” me. Since surrogacy is still somewhat of a taboo subject, I’m curious to find out more from all perspectives. Feel free to ignore my aside. Again, best of luck to you on your journey!

      1. I have no issues with whatever means people use to start a family. I would prefer to actually have the experience of carrying a child, but if IVF fails, then… Who knows. I just want to be a Mom so badly, you know? How I get the baby isn’t so important, just that it does happen.

  2. I’m TOTALLY with you. If I want something, I buy it. If I find something I think someone needs or would greatly appreciate, I buy it. Not at Christmas, but when I see it. I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not accumulate more. If it’s not consumable (even a dinner and movie out with friends is gift enough for me), I don’t want anyone to give it to me. I’m not a Scrooge; I just don’t need anything. I much prefer doing something for someone, making something or making a donation to their favorite charity. I’m ready to join your movement!! 😉

    1. Doing stuff is soooo nice. It’s uncommon to get a thoughtful gesture these days. If someone volunteered to come help clean my house, oh my lord, I would love them forever! Charity donations are also on my Christmas list this year

  3. And, in a totally unrelated discussion, what is the name of the font you used for your “Renew, Restyle, Repurpose” sign? I’m a fontaholic and that’s actually the first thing that caught my eye when I opened up the post. Thanks.

    1. It’s called Route 3, and I believe I got it of Dafont or another free font download site. It’s a tough one to fit in sometimes, but I thought it would be good for the whole “grassroots gift giving” movement I’ve got going on!

      1. Thanks!!! I’m heading to Dafont now. If it’s not there, I’ll trying Googling it. It’s the special “can’t-use-’em-everywhere” fonts that I love.

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