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Felt Owl Halloween Basket Tutorial | Killer b. Designs



Felt Owl Halloween Basket Tutorial

Hey guys! I know there are still a few questions on the stenciled console, but I’ve got a big post planned for that tomorrow. Today I thought I’d tackle Charlie’s Owl Halloween Basket! Because of course she needed something special to match her custom costume :)

Also, if you’re planning on making the wings but don’t have a hat, this tutorial can easily be adapted for one. My version has more feathers on the back, but you could easily nix those if you’re making a hat.

Ready to see how it’s done? Here we go!

• Felt – 2 sheets of each color, I used 4 colors
• Ribbon for handle
• scissors, sewing materials (or iron-on fusible interfacing if you hate to sew)

Step 1 – Draw your owl shape

I used the edge of the felt as my base, and loosely drew an owl head shape. I like to freehand 😉 If you want to get picky, you can draw one half of the shape and fold it in half when you cut so both sides are exactly the same. And if you’re making this a hat: measure the front of your child’s forehead and make that your bottom measurement. Be sure the center is wide enough to cover half the circumference of your kid’s noggin.

Step 2 – Cut two heads

Step 3 – Cut two eyes

I folded my white in half, drew a nice large circle, and cut two identical eye shapes.

Step 4 – Cut two pupils

Draw a smaller circle on your darkest felt, fold in half and cut two.

Step 5 – Cut two irises

Using your pupil as a guide, draw a slightly larger circle. Fold and cut two.

Step 6 – Cut a beak shape

Draw a triangle shape for the beak. My initial triangle was too small, so I drew a bigger one. Cut it out!

Step 7 – Make your flower (optional)

I really really suck at doodling. I won’t tell you how long it took me to draw this silly flower. but it took a while. And a few tries. Anyway, draw one and cut it out. Also do the middle part (my biology knowledge is eluding me) out of a different color. I picked pink.

Step 8 – Arrange your owl face

Cute! Love it. Once I had my face how I wanted it, I pinned it all in place to sew it. If you’d rather use interfacing or hem tape, cut some to size.

Step 9 – Attach the face parts

Sew, iron or glue, it doesn’t really matter. I sewed mine on.

If you’re making a hat: Place your two heads right sides together, and sew/glue both sides and the top together leaving the bottom open. Flip inside out and voila! Hat! You can attach ribbon on the sides for ties. For the bag makers, continue on below.

Step 10 – The back

I wanted feathers for the back, so I cut out some shapes and lined up the bottom row. Glue/iron/sew them on.

Step 11 – Row 2

Stagger your second row so they don’t line up perfectly. I should have thrown some orange feathers in there too, but oh well. Glue/iron/sew this row on as well. I sewed a 1/2″ seam at the top.

Step 12 – Repeat row 3

This one is a little tricky since the top isn’t straight. I lined up my feathers and pinned them down, then flipped it over and sewed a seam matching the top outline. See how it overlaps?

Step 13 – Cut off excess from top and sides

Ahh, nice and pretty. I cleaned up the top and sides with my scissors.

Step 14 – Draw the base

This bag is constructed in the “pillow box” fashion. Your base is basically a bit leaf shape. The width should be the same as the bottom flat edge of your bag. Cut it out.

Step 15 – Pin base to back, right sides together

Here things get a little tricky. But if you mess up it’s the bottom of the bag so it’s no big deal. Ok, what you need to do is place one corner of the base on the “front side” of your back piece. So, the side with the feathers. You’re going to sew a seam (or glue/iron) from one end of the leaf shape base to the other of the back piece.

Step 16 – Sew on base

See how that’s attached? It’s a bit tricky to do, but take your time and you’ll be fine.

Step 17 – Flip right-side out and pin to front right-sides-together

Repeat the same pinning/sewing method with the front side. Now your front and back are attached at the base (awwww)

Step 18 – Sew front and back sides together

Pin the front and back right sides together (make sure no feathers get pinned – if they are sewn all the way to the end pick out the threads about 1/4″ so your seam will fit) and sew/glue it together. Leave the top open.

Step 19 – Flip inside out and done!

Hooray! DONE! I also tacked on a bit of ribbon for a handle. I know this is kind of tricky what with that curved base, but it’s a lot easier than it looks. It make take a few tries, but don’t get discouraged. You can use this method to make any style of trick-or-treat bag. Or any other type of shaped bag, really! Charlie totally loves it. She likes to carry things around and hide stuff in it. I’m so excited to see her on Halloween! It’s going to be the cutest. :)


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  1. Maxie Sykes

    So cute!!! And this is the cutest Halloween custom ever. Thanks for the tutorial I will give a try on this.

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