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Faux Capiz Shell Screen: A How-To | Killer b. Designs



Faux Capiz Shell Screen: A How-To

So yesterday when I posted about my awesome laundry hutch, I showed some pictures of my faux capiz shell screen I made to hide the appliance hardware. Originally I wanted to find one of those beaded door curtains with black sparkly things, but it would have run me a minimum of twenty big ones. Since I am cheap (and impatient!) I came up with a free solution I could accomplish in a couple of hours. I’ve read tutorials for faux capiz shell chandeliers online, and they’re super easy and cheap to do. Here’s what you need:
• Wax paper
• Iron
• Circle punch (or you can skip the punch and cut them into squares/rectangles)
• Staples and Stapler

Step 1: Iron 3 sheets of wax paper together

You want it to be thick enough to be translucent and semi-opaque. You could probably do more sheets if you wanted, but all the tutes I’ve read say 3. Also, you can play around with dipping the wax paper in food coloring water for different colors.

Step 2: Punch your circles / cut your shapes

I punched over 650 circles. It only took about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Staple your circles into strands

I needed the strands to be just over 10 inches long, so I stapled eleven 1″ circles together. I’ve read of people using jump rings to attach them, and also sewing. I am lazy and thought that sounded like too much effort for a simple screen. So I stapled them, and not only was it super fast (I made about 60 strands in an hour) the staples add a nice touch of bling to the whole thing.

Step 4: Staple the strands to ribbon, then staple ribbon into the top of your shelf.

Ta-da! That’s it. I actually hot-glued the ribbon to the shelf, since the Husbane borrowed my staple gun to staple targets when he went shooting, and left it out in the field. He finally bought me a replacement today. If you’re making a chandelier out of these, you can fasten the strands to whatever you’re making the light fixture out of with jump rings or wire. It would be pretty easy to buy a metal hoop at Hobby Lobby or somewhere to use as your base. Then you can have your own pretty chandelier!

I just like how this is a different texture than the fabric I have screening our water heater. It’s opaque enough to hide the ugly plugs and hoses behind it, but still adds some sparkle and lets the grey wall peek through. The room was getting pretty dark, what with the walls and the black hutch, so this “curtain” adds a touch of brightness. Plus, most homes have the supplies on hand (minus the punch, I had that leftover from a friend’s wedding invitation project) so it’s basically a free project!


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  1. Amanda

    I’m always so impressed by how much wax paper actually looks like capiz shells when done like this! So beautiful!


    cute idea!

  3. KTW

    What did you use to punch the circles? They look perfect!

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      I used a 1″ circle punch that I bought a few years ago. Totally worth it!

  4. Marg

    Love your creativity ….it looks so nice!
    I’ve never heard of using wax paper like this but I’m surely going to give it a whirl ”) Thanks for the tute!

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