Faux Capiz Shell Screen: A How-To

So yesterday when I posted about my awesome laundry hutch, I showed some pictures of my faux capiz shell screen I made to hide the appliance hardware. Originally I wanted to find one of those beaded door curtains with black sparkly things, but it would have run me a minimum of twenty big ones. Since I am cheap (and impatient!) I came up with a free solution I could accomplish in a couple of hours. I’ve read tutorials for faux capiz shell chandeliers online, and they’re super easy and cheap to do. Here’s what you need:

5 thoughts on “Faux Capiz Shell Screen: A How-To

  1. Love your creativity ….it looks so nice!
    I’ve never heard of using wax paper like this but I’m surely going to give it a whirl ”) Thanks for the tute!

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