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Farmhouse and Lydia Baby Bed Photo Props | Killer b. Designs



Farmhouse and Lydia Baby Bed Photo Props

An old classmate and blog reader commissioned me to make her a couple of baby prop beds for her photography studio like the one I built for my friend Suzy to use for Charlie’s pictures, and another like the doll bed I made my littlest SIL for Christmas a year ago. I had to get them built, finished and painted in a week, so I was pretty darn busy! I know they look easy because they’re little, but that Farmhouse bed especially has a lot of little pieces. And sanding something so small is definitely a challenge. But they turned out looking so cute that it was worth all the effort!

The Lydia style is easily my favorite. Ana doesn’t have a plan for this one, but I made sure to take progress pics so I can write up a tutorial to share for those of you wanting to make your own. And of course, I needed a model to fully show off it’s cuteness.

Too sweet! The size is originally for American Girl dolls (so about 18″ long) but it’s perfectly suited for sleepy newborns. It’s a touch small for older babies, but I think that just makes the photos more adorable. I’m excited to see what my friend does with them!

For the bottom, I used 3/4″ plywood to make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold up to a lot of use. I tested it out by jumping on it myself, and it never wavered. So if it can hold my big ol’ booty, I think it can handle the cute little squishy ones!

I know I said the Lydia style was my favorite, but the Farmhouse one really gives it a run for it’s money. The planks turned out so much better than my first attempt. And the chocolate brown was a good choice (she chose the colors).

I made mattresses for both beds by cutting some leftover foam to fit the interior, at roughly 19″ long by 14″ wide. I used an old pillowcase and tshirt to create the “sheets” and made them removable so she can wash them if there are any accidents. Odds are, there will be a lot. Babies are not clean by nature!

"Moooom! Are you still taking pictures?! Wrap it up already!"

I love her exasperated expression here! She was putting on her cranky pants for sure. Time to wrap it up!

To see the tutorial from Ana White on how to build a Farmhouse Doll Bed from scraps, click here.

To see my tutorial for the Lydia Doll Bed, come back tomorrow!



  1. Victoria

    Love these!!!

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      Thanks Victoria!

  2. Kaylee

    Hi there. Im a photographer from South Africa and i have been looking everywhere for baby beds like these! I have decided 2 make my own now… Thank you for the inspiration!

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