Farm Fresh Nursery Inspiration

Farm Fresh Nursery Inspiration Board

After a handful of rather sad-looking inspiration boards, I decided to sit down for a couple of hours and kick things into high gear with this nursery mood board. For our little Caroline (due in early October) I wanted to have fun with the farmer focus we have going on at our place. I had a lot of fun choosing the art (I’ve purchased everything but the mason jar photo), coming up with burlap coffee-bag style “logos” (Sweet Caroline Fields and Charlie Horse Farms), chose some fabrics, bought a rug, will be painting the dresser/hutch combo (not the one pictured) tomorrow, and hopefully will find a cozy butterfly chair for nursing and snuggles. My mom found a screaming deal at the PB Outlet for that play kitchen set, so that will be housed in the food and farm themed room. It should hopefully give Charlie something to do during the endless feeding and changing that will happen during the first few months.

I’m glad that I gave myself five months to nail down a theme, because I am in love with it! It makes me want to hone and polish Charlie’s big girl room so it will be as cute and happy and pulled-together as this one. I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!


1) Honey Farm Art
2) Farm Fresh Art
3) Mason Jar Print
4) Bacon Print
5) Egg Print
6) Farmer Print
7) Home Print
8) Milk Print
9) Butterfly Chair
10) Play Kitchen
11) Crib
12) Dresser
13) Rug
14) Burlap Art (personal)
15) Seersucker fabric
16) Floral Fabric

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Nursery Inspiration

  1. Is the yellow rug you have pictured the exact same rug that is in the link at The picture doesn’t really let you zoom in and I can’t tell. Thanks!

    1. Dory, yes, that’s the exact rug I ordered. 100% cotton, 50% off. For my 5×7, it came out to about $80. It hasn’t shipped out yet, so I can’t attest to quality or color, but so far I’m a fan.

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