Family Tree Quilt

Wow! I finally did it. This quilt took a lot longer, and a lot quicker than I thought it would. It’s intended as a first birthday present for my daughter, who won’t turn one until August. So why finish it 7 months early? Well, I can be a bit obsessive about unfinished projects sometimes. So despite nearly zero sleep, a bad cold, and not getting a day off due to the hubs working every. single. day. for the past two weeks in overtime, I got it done!

Excuse me while I get all morbid for a minute. The main reason behind this quilt is that if anything ever happens to me, I want Charlie to always be able to have something of me with her. When she goes off to college, she can take her quilt and always have her family with her, no matter how far away she goes.

See? I’m not always sarcastic. There’s a sentimental side to me somewhere 😉 The best part of this project was finding out all the full names of our relatives. It’s interesting to see which names have been passed down, and some of the more unique ones out there. Manley or Grover, anyone? I only went as far back as our grandparents (so Charlie’s Great-Grandparents) and didn’t include any cousins. I wasn’t sure just how many leaves I wanted to fill up.

Sorry for the blur, but since “mother’s maiden name” is often a security question, I decided to play it safe for once 😉 I also added a few leaves to the base of the tree, and included Charlie’s birth stats. Just because it’s always fun to know how much you weighed and exactly what time you were born.

And to be all full-disclosure with you, my quilting skillz still kinda suck. The lines are a little crooked, and I still somehow create tucks and gaps so it won’t lie flat. It’s not perfect, but that’s ok. She’ll know I made it with love, and the mistakes aren’t incredibly obvious. Here’s a shot of the back.

Here’s a bit closer:

I made it twin-sized, for that future dorm room ya know! Or at least a good couch sized throw that will be good for snuggling. In about 20 years at least!

I’m so excited to give it to her! There are still a few more names to fill in, but we have lots of time to do that. And who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll have to write in a little brother or sister, and make another one of these suckers! And if you’re looking to learn how I put this baby together with little to no quilting skills, I’ve got a few tutorials coming up to break it down into two hour chunks.



11 thoughts on “Family Tree Quilt

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! I’m hoping she likes it. Considering I get to “interpret” all her sounds and expressions for a good year or so, I’m going to tell myself she does!

  1. This looks great! Do you plan on embroidering the names? I’ve just discovered embroidery and how it is the best thing in the world. Hah if I lived closer, I’d honestly volunteer to do it myself because I need to embroider something!

    1. Yeah…that’s a big HELL NO! Hahaha 🙂 I embroidered all the messages for our Wedding Guestbook Quilt, and it took me six months! I had hoped people would just sign names, but oh my goodness they left the longest (but sweetest!) messages. I think it scarred me for life on embroidering. I should have just mailed all the leaves to you so you could embroider them for me! Ha. I decided to just take my chances with a fabric gel pen that I heat-set with my iron. I figured they don’t really get washed all that much anyway, mostly just spritzed with water/vinegar/cleaner and air-dried.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL, and what a great idea! I would have loved this kind of thing. You’re a genius. I absolutely love the leaves and dates and all of that 🙂

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love it and so sentimental. I still have a quilt someone made me when I was a baby. It means so much. I see this could be a pin on Pinterest!

  4. this is awesome… i’m truly inspired… and i don’t have kiddos yet. 🙂 but i think it’s a great idea, i’ve wanted to do something similar for a long time, so thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

    charlie will love it, and it’ll be awesome for her to take you with her when she leaves the nest. 🙂

  5. Hi there! This is a beautiful quilt!!! Did you use a pattern? I would love to try to figure out how to make this myself, but my lack of quilting skills leaves me very unsure without some sort of pattern/directions!!! hahaha You did an amazing job on this!!! Wow!

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