Family Tree Quilt: A How-To

Alright, you’ve seen the quilt, now it’s time to find out how you can do it yourself! The total cost was just under $50. I used an old sheet set for the backing and border, which really helped offset fabric costs. If you don’t have one to use (or are uncomfortable thrifting some) it will put the price up in the $70 range. I split up the tutorial into 2 hour chunks, which is all I could stand to do at once each day. You could probably sit down and conquer the whole thing in one day if you have the patience, but for me it was easier to do in the evenings a few nights a week. Here’s a list of my fabrics and supplies:


4 thoughts on “Family Tree Quilt: A How-To

  1. I am new to this and I have been wanting to make a tree quilt for our king bed. One of the things that nags me is… when using a fabric applique how do you sew it on and not get fraying around the edges (i.e. the leaves)? Thanks! Also, did you quilt this by hand?

    1. The method I used can cause fraying depending on your fabric. Some people have better machines that allow for true applique with thread encompassing the edges. I just used a regular stitch, but my tree is made from faux leather that does not fray and the leaves are a jersey material. So far I haven’t had any issues with fraying, though the edges of the leaves may curl over time.

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