Everyday Charlie: A Blurb Book with Instagram

Did you know that Instagram teamed up with Blurb to make some pretty awesome books? Really! As soon as I saw that, I knew I had to try it out. I apologize to my followers who dealt with me during that time while I uploaded 10 pics of Charlie every day to build up a library 😉 Once I had all the photos I wanted to use (about 50) I logged into my Blurb account to start the book. It was so incredibly simple, a few clicks and I had my book ready! It’s really easy to rearrange the photos and delete ones you don’t want to use. I had a fun time coming up with the spreads.

Of course I had to include the Pasta Monster face! Goodness this little girl is cute. I thought it appropriate to Instagram the photos of my Instagram book 😉

My theme for this book was a little “slice of life” of every day with Charlie. I wanted something a little more casual than the