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Duct Tape Play Masks for Toddlers | Killer b. Designs



Duct Tape Play Masks for Toddlers

I’m no stranger to the wonder that is Scotch Duct Tape. It’s amazing. Not only for its practical uses (we had a leak in our a/c ducts last summer that was quickly patched with duh duct tape saving us hundreds of dollars in electrical bills) but it’s decorative as well. Let me set the scene for you….

High school. We wore uniforms. Obviously days we got to wear “civvies” aka “Civilian Clothes” were a big deal. Huge. One way to win extra civvies days was to win one of the theme day contests during Homecoming week. My bestie Stacie and I were twins for Twin Day every year of high school. We never won. Finally, our senior year we decided to up the ante with Scotch Duct Tape dresses. It was epic.

Just look at our greasy shiny 17 year old selves! These were hardcore. And yes, we finally won Twin Day with them! It took 2 days and 18 rolls of tape, but it was so worth that delicious victory.

Anyway, back on topic! Today’s project is a bit less labor-intensive. I was the lucky recipient of some wonderful Scotch Colors and PatternsDuct Tape samples. What did I do with them? This!

Cute, no?

Since we call her our little ladybug, Charlie needed a fun ladybug-esque mask to play in! She thought they were pretty funny.

Channeling her inner catwoman.

They were a snap to make too! They’re better than paper as they can really take a beating without falling apart. Plus you can get really creative with them, from superheroes to animals to monsters or anything else! Your little one will love playing with these, and you can easily make them for a quick and fun addition to any Halloween costume. Here’s the simple tutorial:

Scotch Duct Tape in varying colors
Mask Template
• 8″ of elastic
• grommets *optional*

Step 1 – Cut two strips of Scotch Duct Tape @ 8″ long. Layer one over the other, sticky-sides up

Step 2 – Layer two more 8″ strips of tape sticky-sides together with your first two. You want to create tape “fabric”. (this is ultimately how we made those dresses. We stuck layers of tape together as our fabric base and cut out our dress patterns. Then we just stuck our seams together with more tape. Genius!)

Step 3 – Trace your mask pattern. You can freehand it or use my template.

Step 4 – Remove your template and make sure your design is on the tape. Make any variations now. I decided to try out a “monster” look by adding hairy looking wiggles. You can get crazy with your design and do anything you like!

Step 5 – Cut out your mask and eye holes

Step 6 – Grab some grommets and a grommet punch. If you don’t have one of these, you can cut a small slit in the edges. It won’t hold as well, but it’ll get the job done. Grommet punches are super handy if you do a lot of DIY, I use mine a lot more often that I thought I would!

Step 7 – Wrap elastic around your child’s head to measure, and cut 2″ extra. Thread through the grommets and tie a knot. Check the fit, then tie tighter knots as necessary.

Step 8 – enjoy!

Here are a few different styles I made with my Scotch Colors and PatternsDuct Tape. Top down, I call ’em: Ladybug, Superhero Owl, Black Cat, and Monster.

I hope I inspired you to do a tape project of your own!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape, whose celebration of unique personal style led to this post.  Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples.


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  1. Katie (@mrsfunnelcake)

    These are soooo cute. I love her little lace tights too. So ferocious! :)

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      Thank you Katie! She was a big fan of her new “rock and roll” outfit

  2. amandaP

    Thanks! I always have my class make Mardi Gras masks for the parade we put on for our school (you can take the girl out of new orleans, but you can’t take the new orleans out of the girl!) and the construction paper ones always end up thrashed by the end of the parade… the duct tape ones will make their debut this time around! so excited! (p.s. Charlie is adorbs!)

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