Dual Antler Mount

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “What’s with all the man projects lately?” Well, considering I’m now considering the phrase “You’ll sleep when you’re dead” to be an enticement from the excessive amount of deprivation lately, I haven’t really had time to do many projects. Or the laundry. Or get out of my pajamas. We’re going through the “4 Month Sleep Regression” and I may not survive it. So, I’m posting the Husbane’s projects. So if you happen to hate guns and deer and antlers and such, unfortunately this is not your day! When our bookcase door project debuted on Ana’s website, I noticed quite a few pins were for the antler mount seen off in the corner of the photo. This antler mount:

It’s two skull caps screwed onto a barnwood board. Nothing super fancy, but it’s different from the traditional foam covered plaque mount. And since lots of people still hunt (I know that sounds crazy to all you big city folk, but my freezer is jam packed full of wild game meat), new ways to mount antlers can be exciting. Oh, and decorating them with garters you caught at weddings is apparently a cool thing to do. This was an easy project, all the hubs did was drill through the bone then screw it to the board. Easy Peasy! And uh… yeah, there’s still some icky stuff attached to that lower one. Well, and the upper one too, I mean, it has FUR! Blech. I prefer the shed-antler variety myself, over the entire skull or slashed up pieces. But, this is not my man-cave. So I don’t make the rules.

And before you swear off my blog forever, I promise we have good stuff coming up. One project in particular that I’m super excited about is making a big “appliance garage cart”, I’m just waiting on my hardware to come in. So don’t despair! I promise the man-crafts are still in limited supply 😉

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