Door Latch Cover for Baby’s Room

According to my pediatrician, I have a “wakeful baby”. Which is a euphemism for a demon child who hates sleep and loves to wake up all night and scream at me. Okay, so it’s been getting a bit better, but it seems like she has supersonic hearing and knows the second I turn the doorknob when I need to check on her. So I decided to take on a little project I’ve seen all over Pinterest and the blogosphere and make a Door Latch Cover for Charlie’s room! It literally took five minutes to whip up, and was made entirely from scraps, which is right up my alley! Here’s a quick tute on how to make one of your own:


8 thoughts on “Door Latch Cover for Baby’s Room

  1. ha! i have a towel over the top of the door so that it never closes and is quiet….this is so much cuter!!!

  2. An absolute lifesaver! I have seen this before, sold on Etsy, but it’s great to have a tutorial instead! I write a Frugal website, and I feature awesome projects like yours that I find on Pinterest, and today your Door Latch Cover Tutorial was the “Frugal Pin of the Day”. You can see the post about it here if you’re interested:
    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! I know a lot of new moms that are going to LOVE this! šŸ™‚
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. I’m late to the game, and a relatively new sewer, but I just tried this and the needle broke as it tried to go over the hair tie! I don’t know much about the different needles, but is there a specific size I should be using? Also…how did you get the hair tie to go under the presser foot? I had to lift mine up to get the hair tie under (before the needle broke). Thanks!

    1. Usually a needle breaking is because of tension, or trying to go through something too thick for a thin needle. I don’t buy special needles since I rarely sew thick things, so my thoughts would be to really slow down your machine when you go over the hair tie portion. Or you could just use a thinner elastic, like the kind you find in the notions section.

      1. I have short hair so there are no hair ties lying around. I do, however have some cord elastic. Do you think 2 inches for each side is too long?

  4. Thank you! I just made one and it turned out great. I did use elastic instead of hair ties, and I accidentally made them too long. So if anyone else is using elastic, just calculate this. šŸ™‚

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