Doe Eyed Bride

Yesterday on one of my blog faves, Geek in Heels, there was a post of a very talented girl pulling off 13 extremely different looks. The main point of discussion was how she could make her eyes so large, specifically the iris. Apparently it’s contacts, but I would never have that problem. Because my eyes are HUMONGO HUGE! I think I would be highly popular in an Asian country. I’ve always thought my head was too small, and it turns out tiny heads/faces with large eyes are pretty much the hotness. I knew I had to fit in somewhere ;)

Back in high school and college, I met a lot of new people. My high school was boarding, though I didn’t live there we got a ton of revolving students. I very often heard, “Wow, your eyes are HUGE!” the same what they would say, “Wow, you have a giant zit on your face!” like I was disfigured for it or something. I wasn’t necessarily teased, but I did get called bug-eyed at points. Want proof? Check ‘em:

I personally don’t think they’re all that big, but considering all the comments I’ve gotten in the short years of my life then I guess they are. I’ve never minded them myself, mostly because they’re different. Not everybody has giant round orbs that can take the “death stare” to a whole new level!

What about you? Any features that were called out for being outside the norm of beauty? I’ve mostly just had to deal with the eyes and small chest. The latter certainly doesn’t come as a shock, though, Americans are all about big boobies as a whole.


*Note* I’m sorry there have been a lot of “fluff” posts lately. I’m tacking two really large projects right now (a family tree quilt for Charlie, and prepping our master bedroom concrete floor for stain) so it’s taking a long time to get anything done to post.

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  1. Kelly

    Your eyes are lovely!

    I am quite tall (5’10″), so that has always been the thing I get the most comments on, especially when I choose to wear heels. I also have the large hands and feet (size 11) that come along with being so tall, which can make finding said heels a challenge!

    1. I have always longed to be tall! Then I can ogle men like Alexander Skarsgard more fully, because he would no longer be a Goliath ;) Though I’m sure it does make shopping quite difficult

  2. Allie

    My mom has always had “bug eyes” too, but they’re so expressive and only look that way when she smiles, so I think they’re beautiful! I’ve been told I have a “big Jew nose,” but I’ve always really liked my nose regardless. I’m fascinated by other people’s noses because of it. (My sister has always wanted a nose job, and that makes me very sad.)

    1. I just can’t imagine majorly altering my appearance. I think it would freak me out to look at the mirror and not recognize the familiar features. When I was younger, my mom tried to talk me into getting surgery to alter my eyelids so they don’t open so wide. I pretty much stared daggers at her for the entire appointment ;)

  3. Geek in Heels

    Haha you totally SHOULD move to Korea!

    I have a humongo head and small eyes, so I’m the opposite of what would be considered attractive in my own native country. However, I have been told many times over in the U.S. that my “exotic” looks are attractive. Just goes to show the cultural differences between the two countries!

  4. Carol

    That picture of you is great! I loved your wedding recaps :-)

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