Do It Yourself Baby Chair

Have you ever noticed that it seems all baby furniture is made out of ugly neon plastic? And if you do find that rare wood piece, it costs you a pretty penny. A friend of mine sent me a message asking me to modify a couple of baby chairs she’s seen online to fit our pre-toddlerhood munchkins, and I was thrilled to oblige! I had this little chair built in less than an hour, and cost of new wood (I used scraps) will only set you back five dollars. Yep, you heard me, FIVE DOLLARS! Much better than the $50+ you’ll see in stores.

This little chair is made up of 4 pieces, all from a four foot long 1×8 board. It’s held together with glue and screws, and is sturdy enough to hold my adult weight, so any babies in it will be safe and sound.

All you need for this project is a jigsaw and a drill. Well, and an electric sander if you want to make life a little easier on you 😉 You ready for the tutorial so you can build one for a precious little munchkin in your life? Well, here it is!


13 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Baby Chair

  1. I will so be adding this to my build list! I’m also super jealous that Charlie clearly reads in peace as opposed to the reading Tenley does which involves lots of little pieces and a crying librarian some where…

    1. Under 18 months. I plan to try printing it out at 150% or 200% for an older toddler. The proportions would be the same, you’d just need a bit of a longer scrap piece for the seat.

  2. Love the little chair and will be buying the 1×8 for it tomorrow. You are so
    generous to share the pattern and tutorial. Thanks.


  3. Wondering if anyone has tried this for an older (3 years old) child – I would LOVE to make 2 for some church kiddos

    1. Betsy I haven’t seen any links, and my girl is now 2.5 and much too big for the chair. You could print out the template at 200% for a larger child, just upsizing both parts.

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