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DIY Jersey Pinafore | Killer b. Designs



DIY Jersey Pinafore

A few months ago I made Charlie a jersey pinafore out of an ill-fitting tee using this tutorial. Though it says 6-12 months, it was way too big for my lil’ munchkin. So today I thought I’d give it another shot, and it fits!

It’s super cute, and a nice repurpose for an old shirt. I made it reversible with some leftover jersey camo fabric I had. That little ruffle butt peeking through is my favorite part!

It’s still a smidget loose, but that’s a good thing. It can be used as a shirt with pants until about 2T size.

If you’ve got a little one in your life, this is a super cute little dress to make for them. And you don’t have to repurpose an old tee, the original is adorable with Amy Butler fabric! Or you could use some plaid flannel.

Plus it’s nice and airy for hot environments. It’s the perfect little dress!



  1. Amanda

    So adorable! And she’s getting soooo big! :)

  2. rosie

    She isthe most precious child in the cute outfit!!

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