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DIY Faux Sunflower Monogram | Killer b. Designs



DIY Faux Sunflower Monogram

Sunflowers are one of the happiest flowers, and have that farmer’s market feel to them. So what better flower to use on a giant monogram in this farm-themed nursery than these? My mother had a lot of these left over from the Cowgirl Birthday Party she threw for Charlie’s first birthday, and I decided to put the lot of them to good use in this project. It was yet another simple, free and easy project that I put together during a nap time. I started out with a big piece of cardboard off a box onto which I free-handed a three foot letter C.

It took a few tries, but eventually I was happy with the shape. I cut it out with a box cutter, then whipped out the hot glue gun.

In less than 15 minutes, all the flowers were glued to the cardboard. I added some leftover burlap ribbon from the Rustic Ladder Photo Display, and glued it to the back for the hanger.

It looks so adorable above the crib, and fits in without overwhelming the space. The only problem I forsee is that my little photobomber hasn’t quite realized that she only has one bedroom, not two 😉 I think that’s going to be quite and adjustment! But we’ve since moved her into her big-girl bed in her own room, so she’ll have all summer to get used to sleeping in her yellow room, and hopefully won’t resent her sister all too much when she moves in here this fall. Fingers crossed!

(and p.s. I think this may be my shortest “tutorial” of all time!)


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  1. MarieRoxanne

    before, during, after… yep, the shortest tutorial ever!
    It looks great!

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