3 thoughts on “DIY Curtain Rods

  1. Dude! That is so smart and so much cheaper than the long metal ones. I’m going to try this next time I need a rod.

  2. I wanted the rods that are only long enough for a panel of curtains on each side of my windows. I have semi-sheer curtains (the ones with the blinds inside) and I couldn’t find any that were deep enough to come out from the wall to fit over my sheers. I decided to ask my husband if he could use gas-line pipe and the corner elbows that are used with the pipes. We used the flanges to attach to the wall, a 12″ pipe coming straight out from that, then the corner elbow(or maybe it’s called a tee) then the width I wanted for my curtains to hang on. I painted finialsm mt husband puta small piece of wood in the end of the pipe and we screwed the finials into the wood. Worked out perfectly. Just another idea for inexpensive curtain rods.

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