DIY a Professional Style Gallery Enlargement for $50

Professional Style Gallery Enlargement

When Charlie was a baby, I had a good friend of mine take her newborn photos. I loved them so much that I ordered some very large gallery prints to fill up the tall walls in my living room. Well, we’ve since moved, and I hung the prints with room to spare since we were planning another addition to the family. Now that Caroline has made her debut (and had the most amazing newborn photos thanks to my old classmate Jennifer Polson Photography) it was time to add to the collection! I couldn’t afford to spend the hundreds of dollars the originals cost, so I decided to try my hand at DIY-ing it. And I have to say, the result is beautiful!


Lovely, yes? Here’s how you can make your own 20″x30″ enlargement for less than $50.


Step 1 – Print your photo


I chose to print my poster-size photo by uploading to and had same day pick up at my local store. It was $23.99, and you can always find good coupons at There are office supply stores that offer good black and white enlargements for under $10, but I wanted something a little bit fancier.


Step 2 – Foam Board Backing


Hobby Lobby sells foam board in 20×30 for less than $3. It’s perfectly sized to the Walgreens print, which worked for me because I didn’t have to worry about trying to cut it to size and getting the lines straight.


Step 3 – Putting the two together


I sprayed the board with adhesive, then laid it on top of my face-down poster so everything would be flat without wrinkles. Then I flipped it over and smoothed it down with my hands. Perfect! Just like the fancy prints.


Step 4 – Buy the metal frame


I know what you’re thinking: Big prints mean big, expensive frames, right? WRONG! Hobby Lobby sells the metal frame components to assemble yourself. I bought one 20″ pack of 2, and a 30″ pack of two along with the hardware. They’re $10 per pack, and you can probably pick them up on a half off day, or use a coupon for an even more affordable project. The directions are a bit confusing, so hopefully this helps.


Grab an angle with screws and one without. Place them so the A and B face each other, and slide them into both ends of one shorter piece. Tighten the screws on both ends of the shorter piece.



Next slide them into the two longer pieces and tighten the screws. Make sure they are right angles.




Once your three sides are assembled, slide in your foam board with the photo facing down.


Slide the final short piece onto the longer pieces and tighten the screws. Your frame is assembled!


Next you’ll want to pop on the springs so the board sits flush to the front of the frame.


I spaced all 7 around the frame as evenly as possible.


Lastly you can add the included hangers. Just slide them in and tighten the screws. Your frame is ready to hang!



I left space to add one more 20×30 enlargement. I’d like to get a photo of both girls together, or perhaps the whole family. Then our gallery wall will be complete! And now that I know it only costs about $25 to update the photo, it will be easy to change out the photos as we grow as a family. I love that they make such a big visual impact, and I can admire my sweet girls even when they’re not at home. Or just lounging around on the couch 😉




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    1. You know, I was always dead set on two kids, but as soon as I got my epidural with Caroline I was all, “You know, I could do this again.” We’ll see though. If we can make it through the next two years we’ll have to revisit our family plan!

  1. i get my large prints done at Sam’s club on the cheap too (20×30 is $8.96)… not sure if Costco or other warehouse clubs do such a great job at poster prints but its well worth it for me to pay the $45 a year for a membership since we save so much more than that just on printing pictures!!

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