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With a lot of family and friends coming over to visit little Charlie and help us out, we get a lot of questions about our dishes. I’m so grateful that we have people who love us enough to do our dishes. That’s devotion. But the question, “Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?” can get old pretty fast. So I came up with a simple, free solution. A magnet!

Isn’t it cute? I used the same colors from the blog design. What can I say, I’m fond of ’em. It’s a pretty simple process. I came up with the design, printed it out on some cardstock, then ran it through my ancient xyron magnet sheets.

I’m still a huge fan of the Xyron machine. I have the little 5 inch size, which is perfect for everything I’ve needed. Basically you have a manual cranked contraption with different filling options (like lamination, sticker, magnet and more) and you just feed your paper through. Then cut it out and voila! Magnet.

I’ve used this fun machine before with some Moo cards I had printed with photos of the Husbane and I back when we were dating. They also hang out on my dishwasher. For some reason I think the refrigerator should be kept free of clutter, but the dishwasher is fair game.

Yeah… that’s Juno hair stuck behind those. My apologies.

Oh, and if you’d like to print your own to make a magnet, you can download it here.

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