Dining Table Dilemna

Before we moved out of our previous home, we decided to sell our Farmhouse Table. Why? I was kind of bored with it. And when you build furniture as a hobby, it’s kind of hard not to cycle out old stuff for new! For example, I’ve had four coffee tables since last year and am toying with selling our current one. I’m leaning away from the polished look and more toward industrial rustic. So, what kind of dining table will we build? Here’s what’s on in my inspiration file:




We have a lumberyard just up the road that would be perfect to check for really large slabs of wood like this Parsons table from Restoration Hardware. We also already have some great thick legs, but they were used to transport chemicals. So, they may make a better outdoor table than indoor!


Source: ana-white.com via Killer on Pinterest



I absolutely adore the modifications done on this Ana White plan. The inlaid bread board, the curved edges, it’s just spectacular! Plus I love that it mimics a circular table while still being a rectangle. I’m not really sold on a circle at this point, but I do love the look. Plus the detail on the legs makes it look very high end.


This table is so simple it’s almost impossible to resist! I mean, there are practically no cuts required. It’s really modern, but still rustic. I don’t think I would use drums for the base, but who knows? They would look really cool covered in corrugated tin. Or I could use thick plumbing pipes for legs.


Source: recyclart.org via Killer on Pinterest

And this may just be my favorite table of all! Those strips are made up of two differently finished boards sandwiched around a magnet. The metal frame keeps them in. So any time you get bored with the setup, you can flip them over and rearrange them! How amazing is that? Plus, my dad has a welder. No time like the present to learn a new skill, right? And how awesome would it be to personalize all those pieces? I could use our wedding date, my daughter’s birthday, or our first address. I’m really leaning toward something like this. It would be the perfect marriage between rustic and industrial. We’d have sentiment and craftsmanship! I think it may just be the one. Oh, and chairs? I’m loving this look:


I’d like to take some (non-rusted) metal folding chairs and upholster them with the Mexican blankets my mom used for Charlie’s birthday party to make them more comfortable.

So, what do you think? Do you have a dream dining table? What does it look like?


3 thoughts on “Dining Table Dilemna

  1. Love that last table! And I’m having a hard time visualizing the magnetic top so if you build it then I can understand it better 🙂 Also please build a round table. I’m dying for one in our dining room but we’ll have to build it ourselves otherwise there’s no options up in Alaska. Please and thank you! 🙂

    1. Basically they used cylindrical magnets and routed out a space between the sandwiched 1×6’s and glued them in place. At least, that’s what I gathered from the image. So the magnet is exposed on the short ends, and that keeps the board in place at the table. I just can’t decide on a round table or rectangle! I think we may try mocking it out in the space first and deciding. Our dining room is pretty small and there’s a door on one wall, so we may have to go round after all!

  2. L. O. V. E. table #4… Been pinned on my pintrest board for a while. and i like #2 as well. but why don’t you just make both! You could switch & swap between dining and patio!

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