Customizing My 30″ Base Cabinets and 28″ Upper Cabinets

Another quick post outlining how I changed up the basic cabinet plans for a 30″ base and 28″ upper for my own kitchen. For starters, I nixed the drawers on the 30″ bases that you typically see. Why? Well, I already had two drawers in the island opposite these two, and they easily handled all my cooking utensils and oven mitts. So why waste space with two more that would be destined to become junk drawers? Instead I just opted out and made more room for my pots and pans. I simply built the carcass and added a shelf halfway up. Boom! Done.

On my face frames I added a brace down the center so you can’t see through the doors when they’re closed.It makes it a tiny bit of a pain to get stuff in and out, but it’s worth it not to see through the gaps. You can also sneek a peek at those upper cabinets. I wanted two different configurations. As most of my dishware is housed on our open shelves above the sink, I decided to just do one traditional setup with two shelves on the right hand cabinet. That’s where I hide our everyday dishes and ugly glasses and coffee cups.

Each upper cabinet is 12″ deep and 30″ tall. I placed the horizontal shelved 9.5″ up from the top, leaving more space on the uppermost shelf for those tall water bottles. For the left cabinet, I wanted to have somewhere to stash cookie pans and cooling racks. That flat bulky stuff that takes up all the room when you lay it flat. So I put in two vertical dividers (along with the center face frame trim) to keep everything sorted. I measured 9″ in from each side for those. I’ve got more than enough room for muffin pans and all that junk.

Again, totally wait until you mount your cabinets to add your doors! I learned this the hard way when I had to adjust my hinges so they would hang straight. That finishes up how I customized all 10 of my PureBond kitchen cabinets. Next up I’ll put together a trips and tips guide on what I learned while putting all these together and share how we built the island to look like an upscale unit. And check back on Monday for links to the plans!
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2 thoughts on “Customizing My 30″ Base Cabinets and 28″ Upper Cabinets

  1. (I like the shot of the cabinets all open like that showing what is inside. The tip about hanging the cabinets first before putting the doors on is a good one. I think I would like to take away some of the shelving in my kitchen so I can have the space for the cookie sheets and muffin tins instead of laying them flat in the bottom drawer of the stove.(They make such a racket when I dig for a specific size!)

    1. Doesn’t it though? My new (antique) stove doesn’t have that bottom shelf, so I made room in the cabinets. It’s so much nicer to see them all sorted instead of digging through to find the right one and fighting the drawer when they don’t all fit!

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