Cupcake Oven Mitts: A How-To

Looking for a fun, fast sewing project with a really cute result? How about some oven mitts shaped like cupcakes?

Well, at least two of them are shaped like adorable cupcakes. The first two I made are more like mushrooms, to be honest 😉

Here’s how I made mine:
• Scrap fabric for “cake”
• Scrap fabric for “frosting”
• 3″ of ribbon (or you can make it from fabric) *optional*
• Quilt batting
• Template

You can download the template I used here if you’d like something similar. Or you can just freehand your own!

Step 1: Print and Cut your Template

You’ll need to print two of these. Cut the first around the entire cupcake, and the second as just the top.

Since my first two resembled mushrooms over cupcakes, I decided to alter the bottom of the frosting portion with some scalloped edges. You can too, if you like.

Step 2: Cut your Cake Fabric

Trace two cakes onto your fabric and cut it out. Do the same on your batting. I find that 2 layers of batting is a pretty good thickness, though you can do 3 if you’re really concerned about heat-resistance.

Step 3: Stack ‘Em Up!

Start by laying your two layers of quilt batting on the bottom. Then add your first layer of cake fabric right-side-up, and the second layer right-side-down so they’re touching. This is so you can flip it right-side-out when you’re done sewing.

Step 4 – Sew it Together

Starting about 3/4″ from the bottom center, stitch a 1/4″ seam around the edge of all  your layers, stopping an inch from the start. Tie off your threads and flip that sucker right-side-out

Step 5 – Topstitch

Pin the gap shut, and topstitch about a 1/4″ from the edge. Starting from center, sew a straight line from top to bottom. I sewed 5 total lines, evenly spaced. This will quilt the mitt and give it some good “cupcake ridges”. You can get all fancy with ’em if you like!

Step 6 – Make your Frosting

Since I knew my scallops weren’t symmetrical, I traced one with the front of the pattern, then flipped it and traced the second with the back so they would match when facing each other.

I missed taking a photo of this, but you’ll want to sew a zigzag stitch along the bottom edge to keep the fabric from fraying. Only where the scallops are. Then, sandwich them right sides together and pin it. Fold your ribbon in half and make a loop. The loop needs to be sandwiched in between the fabric layers, with the two ends popping out at the top. The loop itself will be pointed down toward the bottom of the frosting in between the two layers. Once it’s pinned, sew a 1/4″ seam around the top edge. To know where to start/stop, I laid the fabric over my cake layer and marked it with pins. You want to leave the scalloped portion open so you can slide it over the cake.

Step 7 – Frost your Cake!

Pull the frosting down over your cake, and line up the top ridges. Pin it down, then topstitch 1/4″ around the top of the frosting to secure it to your mitt. That’s it! Now you have a pocket to slide your hand into.

It makes grabbing hot pan handles a breeze!

Plus, with it’s swanky ribbon, you can keep these cuties on display in your kitchen!

I personally like the camo one myself 😉 The color combos are endless! You can even get real tricky and add embroidery sprinkles. It’s a great use for fabric scraps, and makes a really sweet gift. I plan on making a half dozen more to keep on hand for things like house warming or hostess gifts. I mean, who couldn’t use an extra potholder? Especially one as cute as these? Even if you’re a beginning sewer, it would only take about 45 minutes to make. The cost of materials would most likely amount to something along the lines of $2 each, if you had to buy all new fabrics and batting. But considering how many cute t-shirts and sheets can be found at resale shops, it could be even cheaper!

So there you have it. A fun, quick, cute project that would make anyone smile!

  1. These are so completely cute and easy! I agree, they would be great to make a bunch at once, and keep them on hand for gifts!

  2. Oh my word, these are so cute! I don’t think I need any more oven mitts, but I may just have to make some like this – how could I resist?

  3. I’m trying to freehand these since I don’t have a printer and I’m eager to work on these today. Please tell me what are the approximate measurements. They’re so cute.

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