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Cube Stool: A How-To | Killer b. Designs



Cube Stool: A How-To

After deciding to keep G-ma’s vanity (and making it over with a fabulous grey), I needed a stool so I could actually use it instead of schlepping all my makeup over to the bathroom. For a while I looked at resale shops and Craigslist for your typical little vanity stool, but I wasn’t having any luck. So I decided to grab a couple of 2×2’s and make my own! It took about 30 minutes to build, and another 30 to upholster. The lumber will set you back about $5 or so, and you can score a yard of fabric at my fave stop Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon for $5 or less, and the same for the foam. So it’s definitely a quick and easy project for a beginner. It’s a simple cube shaped stool, with hollow sides and a cushioned top. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
• 1 yard fabric of choice
• Ribbon
• Staple gun/staples
• 2 – 2x2x8 furring strips
• Scrap 1/4″ plywood, or a hard surface for the top
• 2″ foam (roughly 12″ x 15″)

Step 1 – Cut your lumber and make the two rectangles

Cut twelve 12″ pieces. Make a rectangle, it will measure 12″ x 15″. Use screws, or framing nails, because I used regular joe nails, and the second I sat down on it I collapsed into a hysterical heap on the floor. Glue would probably be a good idea too.

Step 2: Join the two rectangles together

I started by screwing down from one rectangle into the four legs. Then I flipped it over and did the same thing.

Now you have the cube.

Step 3: Cut the top to size, and nail it down

I flipped the stool over onto my plywood and marked where I needed to cut. I do it this way instead of cutting before the box is built because I tend to make things a little uneven. I’m not a perfectionist, either. So I cut it with my chop saw, and tacked that sucker down.

Step 4: Measure and cut your foam

I usually cut it with a butcher knife, but scissors can get the job done too. I also didn’t bother to glue it down, since the fabric will hold it in place just fine.

Step 5: Cover the top with fabric

I measured a piece of fabric that would fit over the top, and stapled it into the 2×2. I didn’t work too much about getting the staples in a perfect line, since I was stapling below where I’ll be adding fabric next. I’m not particularly strong enough to get the staples all the way in, so I have to hammer them down when I’m done. Then I cut the scrap fabric off the ends. The seat part is done.

Step 6: Add your sides

I turned my stool on its side, and measured how wide the fabric needed to be. Then I folded down the top edge (so there wouldn’t be any threads poking out) and stapled in a straight line around the top.

Once the top was finished, I started on the bottom. I tugged the fabric under, and stapled into the inside edge, so the staples won’t drag against the floor. Once I got to the last edge, I made sure the fabric was folded so it didn’t have a raw edge, and stapled the bottom. Then I did the same at the top.

Here’s a view of the bottom

Step 7: Attach your ribbon

See where the staples show at the top? Well, I wrapped my ribbon around to estimate the length, then tucked the ends under and hot-glued it down.

Voila! A chic little upholstered stool for only a few bucks.

It’s the perfect height for the vanity, and I love the fabric. Easy as pie!


  1. Valerie

    Love this! We are getting my son a desk for his room and I think this would work great with it! Thanks!

  2. Jamie

    Wow that’s really cool! I’ve never been brave enough to try making furniture… Maybe I’ll give this a shot. Thanks!

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