Craft Closet Makeover

We had a busy busy weekend! Our hall closet has been a nightmare for a while. With broken bifold doors and no real storage options, it was a major pain in the butt. I had most of my craft stuff just shoved in there while we kind of hid it behind the ugly broken shutter doors. After the fifteenth sewing project dominating my dining table, it was time to take action. This kind of action:

I emptied that sucker out and ripped out the horrible closet bar/shelf combo! It left a hole, as you can see. No worries, I did the lazy thing and covered it with my diploma 😉 That strange box at the bottom is the plumbing access for our master bath. Once I had this empty, I painted it with two coats of Behr’s Boston Fern. It’s a very neutral green, and I love it.

Here’s a fun in-progress shot. We bought 1 sheet of plywood, eight 1×2’s and two 2×2’s for the materials. It only cost fifty bucks. What I did was outline my table height, and then screw the 1×2’s into the studs to create cleats. We set the plywood on top, then framed it out with more 1×2’s and finishing nails for trim. We used the 2×2’s for support on the outer corners.

See what I mean? The screws are 2″ long and go straight into studs. The plywood is nailed down into them, and screws attach the 2×2’s. It’s so simple, and with furring strips and floor-grade plywood, the costs are really cheap!

I made things look slightly fancier by going crazy with the DAP. It’s a wall spackle, but I used it to fill in the gaps of the trim and some of the gnarlier sections on the plywood. It’s a heckuva lot easier than sanding.

Unfortunately my hallway is super narrow so I can’t get a full-on shot. But the lower section now houses a handy filing cabinet, and some of my larger storage pieces.

I made the desk 28″ tall so I could easily do some sewing or blogging. The shelves are set at 15″ high. The whole thing is 20″ deep. Oh, and I recycled the closet shelf for the top piece, so it’s actually only 11.5″ deep, perfect for storing quilts and sewing supplies.

The really fun part was organizing all the shelves. There’s so much space! I was shocked to see that they barely filled up with the supplies that crowded my last craft closet.

Those hat boxes hold ribbon, and I’ve got a small box of portfolio pieces, magazine storage, and some small decor.

All my craft books hang out on the upper shelf, while my office supplies and sewing kit fit snugly below. I even have room for my paper cutters and xyron!

It’s perfect for this space, and so nice to finally have a little organization to it all! Plus we no longer have to trip over those obnoxious doors.

This was only a 3-day after work project. It took one evening to paint the walls and buy the lumber, an evening to build it (the build was very quick and painless!) and an evening to paint the new built-ins. I know closet organization can seem really scary and expensive, but trust me when I say it’s not at all! It’s so easy and affordable. We had the plywood cut down at Lowe’s before we took it home because they have a giant saw system that keeps the lines completely straight. All you have to do is measure your space, plan out what your needs are and get building!

21 thoughts on “Craft Closet Makeover

    1. I had my husband add it in, he’s an electrician. Since we had that pipe access it was really easy for him to do.

  1. as usual Brooke… you never cease to amaze me! LOVE your new “cloffice!” I am currently embarking on various closet overhauls… ya, seriously… multiple! Pinning your closet for reference!

    PS- I totally agree that closet organization can be super cheap and easy if you just have the right tools! 🙂 Also, I LOVE the paint color! My parent’s last house had an office that was painted a very similar color and it was amazing! We loved it!!!

    Can’t wait to see all your creations coming outta here! 🙂

    1. Thank you Ashley! That shade of green is probably my favorite color ever. So energizing! It’s so exciting that you’re doing some makeovers too! I think empty closets are such wasted space. It’s so much better when they’re filled with shelves and organizers!

  2. Love the closet-to-office conversion. I finished a similar conversion recently myself. Though I must say, I think I prefer the way you made your shelves to mine. I like the open middle a lot. Nicely done.

    1. Thank you Jimmy! I played around with the design in my head for a while, and I’m really happy with how it turned out

  3. I love your closet space! I have a similar green closet but without the cool built ins – have you thought of hanging curtains so if you wanted to close off the space it would be behind something pretty?

    1. I’m thinking of just leaving it open. Though it would be nice to hide an abandoned project from time to time. Now I’ll be on the lookout for some pretty curtains!

  4. This is really cute – I am in the process of transforming the guest room walk-in closet to my craft “room” – I love what you did here – Maybe I’ll “borrow” a couple of your ideas!

    Found your blog via the blog hop – would love for you to come check me out –

    Carol @arewethereyet

  5. I’ve seen so many converted closets on Pinterest, and I always scoff thinking no one ever actually converts a closet into a workspace. Thanks for proving me wrong and showing me that it’s not too scary of a prospect!

  6. Saw this on Pinterest, looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. And sic’ Em bears! Love the diploma in the middle!

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