Country Christmas Tree

Having grown up in New England, I had my fair share of real trees. The Husbane, though, has only celebrated with artificial. I wanted to start Charlie’s holidays off right with a real one. Well, that’s not entirely true. I wanted to build a reclaimed barnwood tree, but the hubs was having none of it. He wanted something more traditional. So off I went to Lowe’s to snag a $25 five foot tree.

My favorite part is my tree “stand”. I just filled this old milk jug that I scored at an estate sale up with water, plopped the tree down in it, and we’re good to go! The added height not only helps keep little hands out of the ornaments, but little paws as well. My dogs haven’t messed with it once, and for that I’m grateful. Plus, I didn’t have to make a tree skirt. Bonus!

Can you see the Husbane’s decorating influence here? Yes, those are arrows stuck in the tree. And since we didn’t have a star, we used wire to attach this iron star to the tree. It was once attached to a beer holder stand thingy, but fell off when it got knocked over one too many times.

We don’t really have a huge ornament collection yet. Mostly because I break them. I broke two this year. Sigh. I top the charts in the “clumsy” percentiles. My mom gave us this adorable little horse for baby Charlie. The rest is a hodge podge of gift ornaments (for some reason we haven’t bought any) and some leftovers from my light fixture. We’re not the fancy-decorated-tree type anyway.

As you can see, the tree is more of a decor addition rather than dominating our living room. We’re a small family, we need a small tree. I actually really like the way this looks. I was hoping to find a live tree in a pot, but no dice. Maybe after the holidays I can find an indoor tree that would fit well in there. Maybe a citris? Oh, and the best part about trees like this in the area is that after the holidays you set them by the curb and the city picks them up and takes them to the beach to build sand dunes to prevent flooding in the upcoming year. How awesome is that? Recycling at it’s best!

Anybody else use an non-traditional stand for their tree this year?

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  1. Love the tree in the milk jug! Also, I have the same personalized ornament in blue for my baby boy’s first Christmas, too.

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