Construction Begins on the San Bernard

Good news you guys! We finally got our building permit approved and passed all the red tape prior to construction. It only took three and a half long, agonizing months. We pretty much rant into one issue after another, but who cares?! WE GOT OUR PERMIT! The guys were out on October first to start putting out the forms and laying in the sand.

This was just the first day’s worth of progress. Crazy right? After they smoothed the sand, they brought in the foundation base and laid it in large piles topped with black sheeting. The next day the plumbers came out and ran all the lines. Then it was time for all the cables. The guys stayed out past 7pm on a Friday night to get it all done!

Can you see them? And p.s. love the color of that truck πŸ˜‰ Here’s a closer image of the cables, which are in place of traditional rebar.

Weird, huh? They’re really strong, I lightly tugged on one to see what they felt like. Looks like we are all set to pour the slab now! How exciting is that? Here’s a little rundown of what you’re looking at:

Confused? Yeah, me too. It will make a lot more sense once the framing is up.

4 thoughts on “Construction Begins on the San Bernard

  1. Wow that house looks like its going to be huge! Congrats to you guys, I hope all goes smoothly πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! The size always seems weird to me before framing. I obviously have no spatial concept

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