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Color Block Quilt: Killer b. Style | Killer b. Designs



Color Block Quilt: Killer b. Style

A friend of mine gave birth to a sweet new baby girl this week, and I’ve been working on a quilt for her to celebrate. The funny thing is I used to babysit for her back when I was in high school, and even though she’s only a few years younger than I am it’s strange to know our babies will be the same age. I’m not one to typically buy quilt patterns, but when I saw this Colorblock Quilt pattern from Bijou Lovely I had to snatch it up. Even though my sewing still needs a lot of practice (hence all the wobbly seams), I think it turned pretty cute. I used leftover Woodland Tails fabrics from Charlie’s duvet, as well as a wavy stripe from Hobby Lobby. I wanted it girly, but still bright and fun.

Even though my top looks a little “amateur”, this quilting experience was the very first time I didn’t mess it all up. I finally broke down and used safety pins to baste the layers together, and that made a massive difference in the quilting process. Plus, I decided to go with some wavy lines instead of straight, a tip picked up from Bijou Lovely’s blog.

I really like the almost herringbone texture the waves give the quilt. It also helped that I started in the center and worked my way out. I used all natural cotton batting in crib size, and it fit just right. Though the seam binding gave me issues. I had some skinny bias tape that I picked up by accident a while ago, thinking it was the fatter stuff. I decided to give it a go on this quilt, and it was so tough to keep it on the quilt. Finally my savvy sister in law suggested I use a zigzag stitch. It was so much easier! Thanks Julie 😉

I probably invested about six hours in this quilt overall, split up over a couple of weeks. Now that I feel more confident with the actual process of quilting, I think I’ll try my hand at a few more. I have an old t-shirt quilt I made in high school but never got around to actually quilting, so that one is up next. And since it seems baby-juice is in the water these days and I have about sixty-five expectant friends, I’ll be getting a lot of practice this summer! And I’ll probably stick with this pattern, but in different fabrics and colors. The pattern is fat quarter friendly, which makes it even better because I feel like I can really splurge on gorgeous designer fabrics.

Charlie and I are very excited to deliver this to brand new Syren Persephone! And if you’re looking for a fun quilt pattern, I highly recommend the Colorblock.



  1. Victoria

    that is beautiful! good work!

  2. Samantha

    Hmmm might need your help to build a quilt for Hunter’s first year clothes that I saved :)

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