Clayton’s Rocking Scooter

The same little guy who got the lime green Do It Youself Baby Chair was also lucky enough to get his very own rocking scooter too! It seems like ever since I built the original scooter, I’ve been plagued by problems. Splitting wood, protruding screws, cracks and creaks. It’s incredibly frustrating! I spent over six hours creating this first scooter, only to put Charlie on it for a test drive. Well, it seems she drives like her mama.

UGH! You have got to be kidding me. So it was back to square one. I tried to resolve a few issues by making the length of the base shorter to match the rocking legs. I also went nuts with predrilling to hopefully reduce any splitting. Well, it worked! Whew.

Charlie needed to give it the once-over and make sure it was up to snuff. No more breaking this time! Plus the teal is just super fun.

Here’s a lineup of the three. The pink one was the original, and probably still the best 😉 The teal in front is the modified short version. And that guy hiding in the back is my repaired junker. I’ve got no clue what to do with it. It’s not really safe enough for regular use, nor pretty enough for a photo prop. Anybody got an idea for it? I’d hate to just chuck it.

Also, for this second scooter, I decided to use PureBond plywood because it was a lot harder than pine and less likely to split. But the other day while browsing Ana’s brag posts, I saw that someone built theirs with 1.5″ thick wood for the two base pieces instead of 3/4″. SMART! I’m totally doing that next time. She also sandwiched the supports between the rockers instead of on top, eliminating any wobbles. Very clever tips on making this rocker much sturdier!

Fina the scooter plans here.

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  1. Not sure if it makes a difference but the first thing I noticed was the 1st (pink) scooter has more of an andle to the handle bar piece. Maybe this is why it is more sturdy than the others?

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