Chrome Corner

Now that my laundry room has been getting so much gussyin’ up, my little cleaning corner started looking pretty sad. I had an old white trashcan covered in food stains (because we’re gross and pretty lazy when it comes to actual cleaning). The broom belonged to G-Ma and is who-knows-how-old, and then there’s a swiffer mop thingy. Basically a hodge podge of stuff. I finally got so sick of staring at the grossness that yesterday I attacked them all with chrome spray paint!

I’ve had better luck with metallic sprays not chipping or flaking as much as the regular stuff. But just to be safe, I sprayed on a couple coats of clear laquer so it won’t get beat up too quickly.

After I sprayed ’em all, I tied a piece of red ribbon so I could hang them up on a pegboard I made. And yes, that dustpan has been attacked several times by my dogs. It still gets the job done, though, so I gave it a spray too. Now it’s having an identity crisis as to whether it’s pretty or pretty sad.

For my pegboard I painted a scrap piece of 1×3 with the same gloss paint as my other projects, and screwed on some knobs I had leftover from a project I never got around to. They were $10 for 4 at Target last year. At least now they’re actually being used! I hung it with some claw hangers you hammer in that I stole of some pictures that are on my nursery shelves and no longer hung on the wall. Gotta be thrifty! So while this project technically cost me zero dollars, I used a lot of stuff I had on hand. Spray paint, knobs, wood, paint and ribbon. I’m really trying to focus on salvaging and reusing whenever I can these days. It’s a bright pick-me-up now, instead of the sad eyesore that it was. Nearly everything can be improved with a quick coat of spraypaint!