Christine’s Trundle Coffee Table

After finishing up my very first commission (6 Simplest Nightstands) I got started on my second, an Ana White Trundle Coffee Table. Christine wanted one that looked exactly like the one I built for my house, and it turned out fantastic!

While I felt that I had a tough time with the nightstands, I totally rocked out this table. I’m so effing proud of it! All my buttons lined up on the top, I kregged the top and side boards together, and pretty much made quick work of it. I had it built in a day, then sanded/stained/finished the next. It’s perfectly level. The trundle rolls great. I think I could build an entire enterprise around making these coffee tables!

I decided to price it at $150. Supplies cost $80, and it took 7 hours to build and finish out. I think for these tables, I would feel comfortable charging a bit more. Maybe $200? I think it will take some time to really hammer down my pricing on pieces and be able to get what they’re worth.

I love how knotty all the pine was. Even though the lumber selection at Lowe’s was really poor when I went, once it was all cut and sanded they fit together so nicely. The stain is a lot more even in “real life”, it’s just so difficult to photograph it to its advantage. Stain is a tough beast sometimes.

With my first month of building to sell under my belt, it’s safe to say that I still have a lot of work to do. My biggest concern is pricing appropriately. That’s tough for anyone, I think, but for a DIY-er, it’s especially difficult. I look at things and think “There’s no way I would pay that much for that!” But that doesn’t mean other people won’t either. In fact, a lot of folks will pay good money for solid, hand-built furniture that looks great. And I have to remember that, and not short change my family by under-pricing my time spent building that I could be spending doing family stuff. Though right now it’s easy, since I only do it during nap times. Anyway, these are thoughts for another post. For now I just want to say THANK YOU! to Christina for believing in me and being one of my first customers! I hope you love your table 🙂



2 thoughts on “Christine’s Trundle Coffee Table

  1. This is gorgeous! I recently spent $140 on a small night stand that wasn’t 1/2 as gorgeous as the ones you made so I think you would be justified in asking more for this amazing handmade coffee table. I would up your price to $200 or $250! It’s handmade in the USA!

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